7 mm semi-dry diving suit with hood.

    Designed for regular scuba divers in water temperatures between 10° and 18°C.

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    Characteristics Designed for regular scuba divers in water temperatures between 10° and 18°C.
    Product Benefits
    1. Thermal insulation
      7 mm neoprene semi-dry suit. T-ZIP concept watertight back zip.
    2. Freedom of movement
      One-piece with separate hood. Pre-shaped cut.
    3. Abrasion resistance
      Ergonomic reinforcements at the knees (Supratex) and shoulders.
    4. Easy dressing
      Suit with double cuffs with zips on arms and legs.
    • Type
    • Thickness
      7 mm
    • Temperature
      Between 10° and 18°C
    Product feature
    2. What is a semi-dry suit?
      The semi-dry suit works on the same principle as a wetsuit, except that the T ZIP concept back zip is watertight. The cuffs prevent water from circulating. They are in fact clothes with low water circulation! The water is not refilled, which means there is less energy loss. The body is nonetheless wet. The advantage of this suit is the warmth during your dive.
    3. Thermal insulation
      - 7 mm neoprene suit. T-ZIP concept watertight back zip. - Thermospan on the chest and back. Sheico L foam. Nylon lining. Seals at the wrists and ankles with smooth double cuffs that can ALSO be folded over for added watertightness. - A high collar that is designed to be folded over with the smooth side against the skin for a seal at the neck. - The suit is made from 7 mm neoprene, covered on both sides with a polyamide fabric of varying thickness.
    4. Hood
      - A separate 7 mm thick neoprene hood, with plush loop interior, that fits flat against the face with a preformed chin. - Air Expulse system: a system to evacuate air bubbles trapped in the hood. - It features a snap hook to attach it to the right thigh of the suit.
    5. Getting the suit on and off
      Double sleeves with zips on the arms and legs for maximum comfort while getting dressed. For ease of use there is an elongated pull tab to make the back zip easier to close.
    6. Freedom of movement
      One-piece with separate hood. Ultraspan side panels to adapt to fit different body shapes and suit various physiques. No underarm seams for easier arm movements. Pre-shaped cut.
    7. Resistance to wear
      Ergonomic reinforcements at the knees (Supratex) and shoulders, wrist protection to reduce the impact of friction from the dive computer. For resistance to wear there are interior reinforcements for increased durability. Inseams covered with patches. Strength of nylon thread stitch bonded seams instead of polyester for better resistance to wear.
    8. Thermal performance class
      This scuba diving suit provides thermal protection that has been tested by the independent INPP institute in order to validate its compliance with the current standard (EN 14225-1: 2005). This suit is certified CLASS B A (+7°C/+12°C / +45°F/+54°F) B (+10°C/+18°C / +50°F/+64°F) C (+16°C/+24°C / +61°F/+75°F) D (+22°C/+30°C / +72°F/+86°F) DOWNLOAD the full user guide here
    9. How to use a semi-dry suit 1/2
      Put a little lukewarm water (with the aid of a Thermos flask) into your semi-dry suit before diving. This will reduce the squeeze effect (under the effects of pressure during the descent, air trapped in the suit from when it was put on gets compressed and can crush the neoprene, creating folds and leading to pinching of the skin).
    10. How to use a semi-dry suit 2/2
      For diving in very cold water (e.g. in lakes and quarries), we recommend that you wear a diving vest under your semi-dry suit for added comfort.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Foam : 100.0% Rubber - Chloroprene (CR) - Neoprene Outside Shell - Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA)
    2. Approved by
      Our technical partner: Planet Ocean. This is a PADI 5 star diving centre based at Tribord. The centre uses Tribord equipment throughout the year. The team of instructors are rigorously involved in the development of Tribord diving products, from the desig
    3. Storage advice
      Store on a hanger with the zip open. In a ventilated area away from sources of heat.
    4. Cleaning advice
      Rinse regularly in clean water, do not machine wash, do not leave in direct sunlight as this speeds up the ageing process of neoprene. Regularly apply the non-greasy silicone lubricant supplied with the suit.
    5. Product restrictions
      Regularly apply non-greasy silicone lubricant.
    6. Product catchline
      7 mm semi-dry scuba diving suit with hood to STAY WARM EVEN IN COLD WATER. For use with Tribord 6.5 mm diving gloves and boots.
    7. Lab tested
      Designed and tested by our teams and our technical partner in Hendaye (France) to approve the thermal insulation.
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    • Excellent semi-dry

      Andrew (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      A truly brilliant semi-dry suit.. used in 20 degrees for long sessions.. really warm.. i normally wear a large but needed an extra large in this suit. plenty of give for bending etc.. good thing about it also is there is no sudden rush of water filling the suit like a wetsuit.
      Warm, good fit, excellent seals, good movement