Air Profil XL Telescopic Road Bike Hand Pump

    Designed for inflating road bike tyres if you get a puncture as your ride.

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    Characteristics Designed for inflating road bike tyres if you get a puncture as your ride.
    Product Benefits
    1. Compatibility
      Hose: Reversible Presta / Schrader
    2. Power
      Max. pressure: 9 bar / 130 psi
    3. Weight
      Weight: 108 g
    4. Compact design
      Compact design
      Barrel: Retractable aluminium Length: 230 mm / 9''
    5. Ease of use
      Ease of use
      Aluminium barrel and twin head.
    6. Easy transport
      Easy transport
      Comes with a frame mount (at bottle cage screws).
    • Max. pressure
      9 bars / 130 PSI
    • Manometer
    • Barrel
    • Type of hose
      Reversible hose.
    • Frame mount
    • Fork pump
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      Easily inflate your tyres with the aluminium telescopic barrel. With a maximum pressure of 9 bars, it's the perfect pump for road bikes.
    Product reviews
    3 / 5
    7 reviews
    7 users recommend this product
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    • Cool Pump

      Brian (Ireland)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Got one of these while away in France, very nice pump tried it once and worked ok. But had same problem as some other reviewers in that mounted one way it would extend by itself and then changed around to find only half a pump when got home, it unscrewed itself and fell apart while on cycle. Had only 2 weeks, rather a bit disappointing for a new pump. If you get one don't frame mount !!"!!!!
      cool looking pump
      Falls apart if mounted on frame
      Response of the brand
      Thanks for your review with Decathlon! It sounds like the product was defective, and I'm very sorry to hear you were disappointed with it. I have emailed you privately with some solutions, and I hope you can give us another chance to equip you on your bike! 

      Kristin - Team DECATHLON
    • Very cool pump!

      Ronnie (United Kingdom)
      Used for 7 to 12 months
      Recommended by staff at Stockport this pump is a little rocket!
      Fits very securely to frame
    • Sadly, single use only

      James (United Kingdom)
      Used for 3 to 6 months
      This is a nice little telescopic pump, when it works. However, mounted one way - and regardless of how tight - the pump slides down the mount an the handle extends out; only to be noticed when it catches on the cranks (potentially unsafe). Mounted the other way, the thread attaching the telescopic shaft to the main housing seems to have worked loose. Thus, instead of working its way down the end just dropped off somewhere on my ride. I now have half a pump.

      This will be fine if you intend to keep it in a (deepish) jersey pocket or in a pannier, I would not advise buying it if you intend to munt it to your frame, though.

      Dear Rob,

      Thank you for your kind attention. I had already been in contact with Zéfal who kindly replaced the unit out themselves. I have been very pleased with the customer service of both Zéfal and Decathlon and I would be happy for the information in this email to be used to update my original review. I would also be happy to have the star rating on that review upgraded by one point.

      Best Regards,

      On the one occasion I used this, the pump was fine
      While mounted on bike, telescopic shaft lost!
      Response of the brand
      Hi James,

      Sorry to hear that the product came apart while mounted to the bike. If you have the remaining half of the pump left and a receipt/decathlon card, take the product back to your local store and ask for a exchange or refund. There will be no problems in doing so.

      Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
    • Zefal Pump

      Robert (United Kingdom)
      Used for 3 to 6 months
      Had this pump for around 4 months now and it has been used a few times. Does what it should and gets sufficient air back into the tyre to get you out of trouble.

      The disappointing part is the bracket that holds the pump, it has now broken despite not being abused so I have to resort to keeping the pump in a jersey pocket, something I wanted to avoid as it become uncomfortable.

      Happy with the pump but Zefal need to design a more robust bracket that doesn't break as easily.
      Small, lightweight
      Very poor bracket
    • Poor design

      Mark (United Kingdom)
      Used for 3 to 6 months
      Like the previous review, I also found that this pump rattles, I resorted to putting some gaffer tape around the pump to better hold it in place, unsightly but it works now and doesn't slip. Previously the pump slid down in the holder and has left a mark on my carbon frame (annoyed).
      Also, if you don't put it in the right way up the handle slides down.
      Only used it once, worked well.
      For a respected brand this product hasn't been properly trialed before being released on the market (IMO)
      Inflates tyres well
      Rattles, doesn't fit well
      Response of the brand
      Dear Sir,
      I agree with you that the attachment for this pump is not good enough.  It has already been forwarded to Zefal and they are aware of such feedback.  The pump itself is fine and works as expected.
      You are most welcome to return the pump to us if you wish.
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
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