BC 12.12 STS Wireless Cyclometer

    Designed for measuring and analysing your cycling.

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    Characteristics Designed for measuring and analysing your cycling.
    Product Benefits
    1. Ease of use
      Ease of use
      Very easy to use, easy, tool-free assembly.
    2. Parameter measurement
      12 functions. Ideal for training.
    3. Connectivity
      PC+MAC ready = Option of transfer of data to PC or MAC.
    • Connection
    Product feature
    1. General functions
      Full text display in 7 languages Back-up onto a memory chip Battery charge indicator (receiver and transmitter) Automatic stop / start Watertight Tool-free installation
    2. Cycle functions
      Current speed Average speed Comparison of current / average speed Maximum speed Daily distance Total distance Separate distance counter with manual start / stop
    3. Time functions
      Ride duration Total duration Separate duration counter with manual start / stop Time
    4. "Fuel-saving" functions
      Daily fuel savings Total fuel savings
    5. Temperature functions
      Current temperature
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      The modern cyclometer with 12 functions. Every mile covered is converted into how much fuel has been saved. Several general functions: cycle, time and temperature.
    Product reviews
    4.4 / 5
    5 reviews
    5 users recommend this product
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    • Great product

      Simon (United Kingdom)
      Used for More than 2 years
      This has as many features as is possible for sensing speed.

      The wireless (cable free) sensor is just perfect. Of course you have to replace another battery somewhat sooner but this makes for a clutter free setup.

      The next model BC 16.16 has almost no advantages so save your money! Decathlon don't sell the cadence unit. Really want it "all" then buy somewhere else.

      I believe iPhones are great. But I also want to keep them in a pocket and not fix to a mount. The Sigma covers everything. OK, so i look at how far, max speed and current speed. It covers this.

      Cadence, sous interesting but i don't think the sensor is all that small and do i know how fast I pedal? Or if i slow down? Yes, so why worry about this.

      For me this is the perfect device. Cheap, reliable and clear.
      Simple, effective and just about perfect
    • Sigma 12.12

      Ian (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      This is s superb bit of kit. Easy to install and use once you have had a play and understand how to access all the functions. The app that goes with it is also good.
      Quality of the product and its features
      So far so good
    • Sigma BC12.12

      Paul (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I have used this daily now for several weeks on rides and commuting. This computer is far more simple, robust and easy to use compared with other competitors. On the downside there a useless function of fuel saved and no cable ties come with it.
      In terms of accuracy there are only marginal differences to my GPS data gathered via an Android device.
      Simple setup and operation
      No tie cables, slow response to changes in speed
    • SIGMA

      Shamoun (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      Great little unit works a treat. I always get a great service from the staff at Canada Water. Very helpful.
      Great little unit works a treat!!!
      The text in the user manual was too small.
    • Potentially good but hasn't worked in the cold

      Duncan (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Can't figure out whether this is a semi-dud computer or just susceptible to the cold. It has excellent features but so far I haven't completed a ride with it working the whole time. Did one short ride and the magnet moved on a fast downhill so have since adjusted this. Second ride was 60 miles with max temperature about 7 degrees and minimum about 2.5 degrees. Seemed to work fine for 55 miles and then towards the end it went into 'Transport mode' which I found insulting considering the effort I was putting in. If it doesn't work reliably I will have to remove it, get a massive phone case (as all phones are now massive) and just rely on Strava instead. Shame as the Polar CS100 I have been using on my mountain bike has worked reliably for over 5 years.
      Good features including air temp, price
      Hasn't worked reliably yet
      Response of the brand
      Dear Sir,
      I suspect that the unit may be faulty or the batteries may be old.  Your comments will be forwarded on to the buyer who deals with SIGMA.
      If you would like to return it to us we will replace the unit.  Here is the link to our customer services page:
      Peter Lazarus UK Market Manager DECATHLON
      Duncan was satisfied with this answer