Crunchy Biscuits 250g

    Designed for providing ENERGY FAST .

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    Characteristics Designed for providing ENERGY FAST .
    Product Benefits
    1. Energy values
      Energy values
      125 kcal (524 kJ) / biscuit.
    2. Vitamin and mineral content
      Vitamin and mineral content
      Biscuits containing 6 vitamins and 4 minerals to provide optimal energy
    • Intensity
    Product feature
    1. Nutritional information:
      Energy: 2096 kJ, 500 kcal Fat: 23.5 g / of which saturates: 14.2 g Carbohydrates: 63.5 g / of which sugar: 33.0 g Protein: 7.5 g Salt: 0.6 g Vitamins: A: 150 μg (19%*); E: 3.8 mg (32%*); C: 20.5 mg (26%*); B1: 0.4 mg (36%*); B2: 0.7 mg (50%*); PP: 7.0 mg (44%*); B6: 0.6 mg (43%*); B9: 58 μg (29%*); B12: 0.4 μg (16%*); B8: 12.5 μg (25%*); B5: 2.1 mg (35%*) Minerals: calcium: 120 mg (15%*); phosphorus: 290 mg (41%*); magnesium: 79 mg (21%*) (% RDA)
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Biscuits with a creamy Ovomaltine* filling (40%). Ingredients: wheat flour, Ovomaltine powder* 18%, palm oil, sugar, malted barley extract, lactose, skimmed milk powder, peanut oil, low-fat cocoa, hazelnuts, powdered eggs, emulsifier: soya lecithin, baking powder: E450 and E500, maltodextrin, salt, flavouring. *Ovomaltine: barley malt extract, condensed skimmed milk, whey concentrate, low-fat cocoa, sugar, fructose, magnesium carbonate, calcium phosphate, rapeseed oil, vitamins (A, E, C, thiamine: B1, riboflavin: B2, niacin: PP, B6, folic acid: B9, B12, biotin: B8, pantothenic acid: B5), salt, flavouring: vanillin. May contain traces of almonds. Allergens: Wheat, Barley, Milk, Whey, Lactose, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Eggs, Soya, Almonds
    2. Storage advice
      Store in a cool, dry place.
    3. Product catchline
      For an instant energy boost! 6 vitamins, 4 minerals, 100% barley malt to restore energy levels quickly.
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    • Too moreish!!!!!

      Ronnie (United Kingdom)
      Used for More than 1 year
      I always buy these with a race in mind but they never last long enough as the packet gets opened and the contents eaten!!!!!
      They are a bit pricey but when I have had the sense to buy a 2nd pack and eat them on a race day I've had plenty of energy
      really tasty!
      the price