Designed for scuba diving during the day or at night

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    Characteristics Designed for scuba diving during the day or at night
    Product Benefits
    1. Ease of use
      Ease of use
      Tubular handle
    2. Flexibility
      Innovative temperature control system
    3. Power
      Long battery life (120 - 300 minutes according to the power). 1200 lumen. 3 LEDs
    Product feature
    1. Mares presents its new range of EOS RZ torches!
      We took the original EOS diving lights and have developed the range. They are now called EOS RZ torches: "R" Rechargeable and "Z" for adjustable Zoom. So you won't miss a thing during your dive.
    2. EOS 12RZ,
      EOS 12RZ: great power and long battery life (from 120 to 300 minutes based on power level). 1200 lumens of power, illuminated by three LEDs. It's the most powerful torch in the range, ideal as a main torch that can light a broad spectrum during the dive;
    3. Tubular handle
      The tubular handle allows divers to use the torch with just one hand, and the adjustable strap promises an even safer grip. Sturdy and durable, EOS RZ torches are made of anodized aluminium and feature the popular EOS Family Look.
    4. Temperature
      And yet another new feature: the EOS RZ torches stand out for the innovative temperature control system that lets you use them even out of the water.
    5. Multi-function magnetic switch
      The EOS RZs include a newly designed multi-function magnetic switch. Intuitive and secure, preventing water from leaking into the torch, it lets divers use this tool in four different ways at the push of a button: maximum power on the first press, 35% on the second press, flashing on the third, and off on the fourth. Additionally, the second command must occur within 10 seconds. After that, the torch turns off immediately when the switch is next pressed
    6. Adjustable focus
      Adjustable focus (Zoom): EOS RZ now delivers the option to adjust the beam of light according to your needs and the dive conditions, guaranteeing adaptability and flexibility in any situation.
    7. Rechargeable
      Recharge the battery anywhere using a USB cable either connected to your computer or any 5 volt adapter. The new battery charger with the charge level indicator intuitively shows you when the charge is complete.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Made in : 100.0% Aluminium
    2. Product catchline
      Ideal thanks to its size to power ratio.
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