In'Ride 300 Home Trainer - 550 Watts

    Designed for indoor cycling.

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    Characteristics Designed for indoor cycling.
    Product Benefits
    1. Power
      550 watts (at 50 kmph at resistance level 6).
    2. Brake control
      Magnetic braking, 6 levels of resistance with manual adjustment dial.
    3. Connectivity
      No. A connected version is also available (ref. 8345626).
    4. Smooth pedalling
      Flywheel 1.17 kg.
    5. Easy assembly / dismantling
      Easy and quick to attach your bike with a quick-release system.
    6. Compact design
      Fold-away for compact storage.
    7. Noise level
      Silent elastomer roller.
    8. Compatibility
      Compatible with all 26" to 28" wheels.
    Product feature
    1. Tyre tips
      Tyres: Whether you do road or mountain bike training on the home trainer, we highly recommend using a tyre specially designed for use on home trainers. Benefits: 1. Longer lifespan with its reinforced structure and harder rubber. 2. Reduces tyre rolling noise.
    2. Stability tips
      Stability: When cycling on a home trainer, the rear wheel of your bike is well stabilised and slightly raised. For greater stability, you should also use a front wheel riser block. Benefits: 1. Stabilises the front wheel. 2. Raises the front wheel so that the bike is perfectly level.
    3. Protection tips
      Protection: When training indoors, perspiration often drips onto the bike or floor. We recommend using the following equipment: 1. A sweat guard to stop perspiration (acidic) dripping onto your bike and damaging it. (ref. 8056757 2. A home trainer mat to reduce noise and provide stability and added protection against perspiration. (ref. 8369937)
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Chassis : 100.0% Steel
    2. Product catchline
      550 Watt and 6 levels of resistance
    Product reviews
    4.1 / 5
    20 reviews
    20 users recommend this product
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    • An excellent trainer

      Nigel (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I tried four trainers in the Thurrock Lakeside store, of the four, this was the cheapest but it was also the one that felt most robust and sturdy. Some confusion initially in regard the the skewer needed to adapt your bike to this trainer (wasn't sure if it was included or needed to be purchased separately, turns out that it was included in the box). I've heard people complain about how noisy some trainers are but I'm using it with a Vittorio trainer tyre and it seems very quiet to my ears.
      Easy to set up, robust and smooth running
    • Trainer tyres

      Pradeep (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Can decathlon tell me why they sell trainers but not trainer tyres.
      My 700x23 was worn out within 4 k half hours of riding.
      Even when I use it for 10 minutes there is tyre dust all over the floor.
      When I call up decathlon their only response is that they do not sell trainer tyres and need to search else where.
      Not happy,
      Trainer per say is stable
      Decathlon is not bothered about the package
      Response of the brand
      Hello Pradeep, 

      Thank you for taking the time to give us the feedback on the home trainer.  We are getting high resistance home trainer tyres in 2017. Till the stock arrives here we have high resistance Btwin tires called Road tyre resist 700X23 Model code;( 8171679) which can be used on a home trainer for a much longer period and they are economical as well. 

      Deepak Babu E-sport manager DECATHLON
    • Trainer is too hard on the tire

      Arjun (India)
      Used for 1 week or less
      When using this trainer even at the lowest resistance, the tire seems to be wearing out quicker and one can see the black powder at the rear after just 5 minutes on the trainer.

      Adjustment dial is useless as it is really difficult to change the resistance. Feels poorly made.

      This is a poor design and I cannot believe that decathlon is selling this to customers.
      Nothing except the price
      Tire wears out way quick.
      Response of the brand
      Hello Arjun, 

      Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. The home trainer is specifically designed for certain tire sizes. Though it works best with road bikes, touring bikes we also say it is compatible with MTBs. However, the width of the tyre has to be reduced. We cannot use a 26X 2 and above. This may be the only reason for the wearing out of the tyre. 

      Deepak Babu E-sport manager DECATHLON
    • Decent Product incomplete loop.

      Pradeep kumar (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      The product is pretty decent but few issues.
      The controller for resistance is flimsy.
      Decathlon in India does not sell trainer tires and nor is it explained in the shop.
      When we call up response is we do not sell it.
      When mail was sent, no response received.
      To buy a spare wheel also no options in Decathlon in terms of wheel, hubs & spokes.
      Other option is to return it which is OK with decathlon but not what i want and the reason to buy is not to return it.
      Trainer persay except for the resistance controls
      No Trainer wheels sold.
    • Nice Workout to build stamina for Cycling

      Sarvesh (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      This product is useful to all those, who don't have enough time to go out for cycling on weekdays, so they can practice at home with there own cycle. And they can build the stamina for long Weekend rides. It also helped in during rains in Morning, I hate to ride cycle in heavy rain So I used to practice at home with this trainer
      Size is nice compact.
      Should improve on the resistance and Hight front.
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