Ionus 8900 Bike Chain Lock, Red - 95cm

    Designed for securing your bike frame in town for as long as required.

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    € 39.96
    Characteristics Designed for securing your bike frame in town for as long as required.
    Product Benefits
    1. Theft resistant
      High-security lock. ABUS anti-theft rating: 9/15
    2. Volume
      Useful length 90 cm. Secures up to 2 bikes.
    3. Lightweight
      Weight approx. 1.8 kg.
    Product testing
    1. Approved by
      THE B'SECURE CERTIFICATION: The only universal anti-theft certification, which helps you buy a lock that's suited to your use. We have defined a test protocol with an independent laboratory, the CNPP, based on real-life theft techniques approved by our "p
    2. Product catchline
      Hardened steel is highly resistant to hacksaws, and the fabric covering keeps the chain from scratching your bike frame
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    • buyer beware

      Paul (United Kingdom)
      Used for
      purchased one of these in black earlier today. initially was going to purchase in red but the two in stock of that colour had a significant gap in the locking mechanism, easily enough to be able to fit a crowbar

      got home and on searching "ionus 8900" which was on the packaging, came to this page. was annoyed to find that the same lock in red was three pounds cheaper online. went back to the store to try and get refunded the difference. cashier immediately understood but on searching the database found that even though the lock i bought is clearly the same as the one on this page, same packaging even, on the site it's listed as a different lock and at a higher price. mentioned that i would've bought in red but there was clear play in the locking mechanism . we went over and spoke to the department manager who when shown by her colleague the looseness in the locking mechanism, shrugged and then replied "so what?" and "what do you expect me to do about it?"

      - i'm going to have decide whether i'm willing to keep a product that costs more jus' because the fabric's a different colour

      - the management in my local store are disinterested to the point of outright rudeness

      - be extremely careful when buying this product as there's not meant to be any looseness in the locking mechanism but on some (two thirds in the store i went) there's enough play that it could easily be pried open with the most basic of tools

      - what's listed on this site as the "IONUS 110" is in fact the "IONUS 8900". you're paying more for the same product

      - as to the weight, significantly lighter than a Hiplok Gold, such that it feels flimsy in comparison. what's the use in being able to lock both wheels if your bike's not there when you get back?

      - better off getting something like the much cheaper "SAS 685". using that to secure the front wheel and frame and with the money saved buy a ten to twenty pound d-lock on here and use that on the rear wheel and frame
      able to lock both wheels, wearable
      price, space between the lock, sub 10mm chain
      Response of the brand
      Dear Sir,
      Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed view of the product and you shopping experience.
      Firstly to the lock: Naming is not accurate and I have just rectified this. It will now be called the ionus 8900 lock - 110cm. The 110 in the name refers to the length of the chain in cm.  The red lock is 95cm long but it seems as if Abus have incorrectly delivered a few 110cm versions in the red (at the same price). The extra length (110cm compared with 95cm) is reflected in the price. The price difference does not come from the colour of the fabric. This lock also retails elsewhere for £59.99. Regarding the looseness of the locking mechanism, I will forward your comments on to the product manager who deals with ABUS. 
      Secondly regarding the store service you received, could you kindly forward on to me the name of the store concerned? It would be greatly appreciated.
      Please accept my apology for all the confusion related to the inaccurate information on the lock as well as the response you received in-store.
      If you are not happy with the lock please feel free to return it to your nearest Decathlon store for a refund or an exchange.
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
    • Great Lock

      Philip (United Kingdom)
      Used for
      This is a great lock at a bargain price. It is sold secure rated silver so good for insurance (full name is Abus Ionus 8900, look it up). It wraps nicely round the seatpost and is tough as nails. It would provide excellent security partnered with a U-lock of some description,
      Secure, sold secure silver rated, good value