MARES ergo dry adult's diving snorkel - black and white

    Designed for for snorkelling or SCUBA divers.

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    Characteristics Designed for for snorkelling or SCUBA divers.
    Product Benefits
    1. Water drainage
      The purge valve in the mouthpiece guarantees easy breathing.
    2. Waterproof
      Exclusive patented dry top extremity that prevents water from entering.
    3. Mouth comfort
      Comfortable silicone mouthpiece.
    4. Anatomic design
      Flexible snorkel designed to be left connected to the mask when diving.
    • Type
    • Exhalation
      With valve
    Product feature
    1. Mouthpiece
      The part of the snorkel that is placed in the mouth.
    2. Silicone
      Silicone is an extremely flexible and hypo-allergenic material. The silicone mouthpiece provides increased mouth comfort.
    3. Valve
      The valve is located at the base of the snorkel. It makes it easier to expel water: you don't have to blow as hard to empty the snorkel, since most of the water is emptied from the bottom (contrary to snorkels without valves, where it comes out the top).
    4. Dry-top sealing valve
      Snorkel with a valve at the top to stop water getting into the snorkel. For example: when there are small waves on the surface or when the user leans their head too far forward to observe the seabed. Under the same conditions with a traditional snorkel, the user could swallow water. After diving, remember to blow out when returning to the surface to make sure that the valve descends.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Polypropylene tube, polycarbonate body and wave guard, silicone mouthpiece and hose.
    2. Storage advice
      Store in a dry place away from light.
    3. Cleaning advice
      Rinse with clean water after use.
    4. Product restrictions
      Snorkel is not suitable for children under 10.
    5. Product catchline
      No more need to breathe in water! The combination of the 100% dry dry-top extremity and a purge valve in the mouthpiece allow for ample and easy breathing.
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    • Mares snorkel

      Matt (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Just as described, as expected by a brand like Mares. Good length to snorkel with a good feel to the mouth piece alongside a positive action to prevent water entering when 'duck diving'.