Multisports smartwatch with wrist HRM and Vivoactive HR GPS - Black

    Designed for those wanting to stay active and take part in varied and regular exercise whilst monitoring their heart rate.

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    Characteristics Designed for those wanting to stay active and take part in varied and regular exercise whilst monitoring their heart rate.
    Product Benefits
    1. Parameter measurement
      Number of steps, calories, wrist HRM, GPS, multi-sports, activity bar.
    2. Waterproof
      Up to 50 meters
    3. Autonomy
      - GPS mode: 13h - WATCH Mode; 8 days
    4. Versatility
      Built-in Sports Apps: running, cycling, golf, swimming, ski, paddle …
    5. Connectivity
      Automatic downloading of data, real-time monitoring and Smart Notifications
    6. Control
      Music management from watch
    7. Customisation
      Personalise your watch with Connect IQ
    8. Precision
      Built-in GPS
    Product feature
    1. Each movement includes
      With Garmin Elevate technology, measure your heart rate directly from your wrist. The HR vívoactive provides information on calories burnt and assesses the intensity of your sports activities for better evaluation of your effort.
    2. Complete sport whilst remaining connected
      Running, pedalling, swimming, playing golf and skiing with HR vivoactive. Thanks to the GPS, the sports applications allow you to save your performance and the Smart Notifications allow you to remain in contact with friends. Throughout the day, HR vívoactive monitors your activities counting the number of steps, the number of floors and monitors your sleep.
    3. Analyse and share with Garmin Connect
      The HR vívoactive automatically synchronises with the Garmin Connect, throughout the entire day. Garmin Connect is the only free application which gets to know you with time and offers information to help you improve. You can also benefit from health advice offered by our experts, a genuine personalised coach on your very wrist.
    4. Hit the Ground Running
      With its accelerometer and built-in GPS, the HR vívoactive accompanies you whilst running indoors or outdoors. You can set up vibration alerts for heart rate, pace and run/walk intervals.
    5. Each step pedalled counts
      The cycling application measures the time, distance, speed and calories burnt. Connected to speed and pace sensors, the HR vivoactive can also measure your progress during training as well as daily journeys. It is also compatible with bike lights and Varia® radars for safer cycling.
    6. Every dive is counted
      Go a greater distance and view details such as total distance and stages, the number and types of movements as well as much more. The swimming application calculates the effectiveness of your movements thanks to the SWOLF score. It adds up the time and number of movements required to complete a length of the pool.
    7. Every swing is counted
      Discover new golf circuits by downloading maps which provide over 40,000 circuits available from our database. The golf application displays a simplified view of the green, displaying the distances from the start, middle and end of the green.
    8. A permanently connected watch
      The HR vívoactive vibrates when you receive notifications on your smartphone (calls, SMS, e-mails, etc). It also provides the weather and temperature. Additionally, it allows you to manage the music on your phone and directly share your activities with friends using the real-time LiveTrack feature. Finally, personalise your HR vivoactive with the support of backgrounds, applications and widgets which can be downloaded from the Connect IQ™ store.
    9. Running and cycling features
      - Accelerometer (calculates distance when training indoors) - Personal records- Heart strap- Auto Pause (stops and restarts the stopwatch based upon speed) - Auto Lap (automatically starts a new circuit) - Automatically scrolls through data - Pace, time, distance alert - Calculation of calories burnt- Customisable screen - Bike speed sensor (optional)
    10. Activity Tracking Features
      - Step counter - Personal objective - Inactivity bar - Sleep analysis
    11. Physical features
      - Watch only: 30.2 mm x 57 mm x 11.4 mm. - Standard wrist size 137 mm to 195 mm - Display format (width by height): 28.6 mm x 20.7 mm - Display resolution (width x height): 205 x 148 pixels - Touchscreen - Colour screen
    12. Pack content
      - HR Vívoactive - Charging/data clip - Documentation
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      With the HR vivoactive, listen to your music whilst completing your favourite sports without getting your smartphone out of your pocket. It measurer your heart rate at the wrist throughout the day.
    Product reviews
    4 / 5
    4 reviews
    4 users recommend this product
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    • Great function

      Tony (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Great watch, comfortable and very user friendly. Once connect by iPhone you can download all sorts of sports and trackers. A specific triathlon app which records swim, t1, cycle, t2 and run is great. All faces can be adjusted to show different aspects of your sport ie: pace, hr, zones.
      Add on apps and widgets. Swimming details.
      Light in bottom corner causes a dull patch.

      ANDREW (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Simple to set up and easy to use with both mobile and iMac set up. Had one or two early teething problems. Sync failing and required reset. This has settled down and happy with the step counter and gps activity tracking. Purchased the Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor to work in conjunction. Set up easy and good results so far. Battery life is good - getting a good week out of the watch but think when gps is tracking activity this may be used up a little quicker.
    • Pretty good

      Tim (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I bought this as my running watch broke (Garmn FR60) and I didn't want to move out of he Garmin world as all my records etc are on there and I'm generally happy with the web interface. I wanted an activity tracker too, so this covered both bases. It does a decent job of everything. Syncing with my phone can be problematic and the aps such as the weather etc don't generally work, but my phone is fairly old, so that might be the cause to be fair. I've got two days where I have no data at all which is annoying, as I had it on at the time, not sure what happened there and I lost one 5k run; again annoying. However, not the end of the world. On the positives, it links well with My Fitness Pal, it looks alright on my wrist and isn't irritating, despite wearing it constantly, although it sits at a slightly funny angle on my wrist to miss the bone. Gives you lots of useful data like sleep, calories etc and works with my footpod and heart strap I already had. Overall I really like it, despite the lukewarm comments I've left here! Reading comments on competitors versions, I think they all have flaws, so I would still choose another of these if I lost it / broke it etc.
      Does everything
      Sync can have issues, occasional gaps in data.
    • great watch

      Adam (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      exchange should go smoothly, cant wait for my replacement.
      does almost everything that i wanted
      had to exchange to due to touch screen packing up,