Designed for improving the visibility of cyclists, during the day or at night.

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    Characteristics Designed for improving the visibility of cyclists, during the day or at night.
    Product Benefits
    1. Visibility
      LED visible from 200 m at the rear 400 m at the front. Flash/continuous mode.
    2. Autonomy
      Up to 100 hrs for the rear and 40 hrs for the front.
    3. Easy assembly / dismantling
      Attach to bike with adjustable clamp, rear light can be clipped onto a rucksack.
    4. Flexibility
      The front light may be used as a torch.
    Product feature
    1. Front: 0.5W LED Rear: 1 x 0.5W LED plus 2 LEDs that can be set to operate in 3 flashing modes.
    2. 3 AAA batteries (front) and 2 AAA batteries (rear) included.
    Product testing
    1. Product restrictions
      Not a substitute for mandatory cycle lights
    2. Product catchline
      A compact and high-performance kit for visibility.
    Product reviews
    1.8 / 5
    6 reviews
    6 users recommend this product
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    • Lost the front light!!

      Lule (United Kingdom)
      Used for 7 to 12 months
      A very disappointing front light bracket which simply snapped whilst pedaling along the road. The light was bouncing quite a lot before it finally completely fell off and i had to recover it from the road. The back light works pefectly well and is still working fine after 1 year.
      Good back light
      Poor front light mounting bracket
      Response of the brand
      Sorry to hear that your front light came off. Please reutrn itmes to us (even if the front light is missing) and we will replace the unit.
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
      Lule was satisfied with this answer
    • Front Light missing

      Matt (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      Went out for the 1st time with the lights attached (it wasnt dark so lights not used) bet when i returned home i notice that the front was missing. I'm a novice when it come to mountian biking , so it wasnt anywhere near rough ground i was on. These front lights need a redesign of how they attached to the brackets. NOT impressed
      adjudtable rear light bracket
      Front Light Bracket very poor
      Response of the brand
      Dear Sir,
      Thank you veyr much for your feedback.  I'm sorry to read that the front light came off the bracket. If you are not riding on the road, you are correct in saying that this is not a suitable product. This model is  designed specifically for off road use:
      Please feel free to return the whole unit to us for a refund/exchange even if the front light is missing.  As a replacement I would heartily recommend the following unit which is also USB chargeable which makes for a very cost effective option:
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
      Matt was satisfied with this answer
    • Lost front light

      Mick (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      The second time I have used it on a good road the light came loose when I hit a small bump
      The light seemed to be a good light but clearly the bracket is not working reading the other reviews
      Rather spend more money on another light
      Good Light
      Poor fixing on front light
      Response of the brand
      Dear Sir,
      I'm sorry to read that the bracket on the front light has not served it's purpose.
      I have forwarded your review onto the buyer who will in turn discuss the matter directly with SIGMA.
      If you simply return the front light to us we will replace it with a more sturdy model.  I would suggest this one as it's more powerful, sturdy and USB chargeable.
      Peter Lazarus UK Market Manager DECATHLON
    • Looks better than it performs

      Gavin (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      The front fitting is quick release, easy to fit and seems quite secure, however, the light detaches from the bracket and has fallen off a couple of times when going over bumps. I permanently fixed the light to the bracket, which resolved that issue, but now the light flickers on bumpy tracks. I would say that this light is just not designed for any kind of off road riding, but would be suitable for road use.
      The rear light has been fine and also features a "belt clip" so it can be used when running.
      Quick release front bracket, decent rear light
      Light flickers or falls off over bumps
      Response of the brand
      I'm sorry to read that you've had issues with the front lights.  You are correct in saying that this light is not suitable for off road riding but regular road cycling or commuting poses no problem.
      Peter Lazarus UK Market Manager DECATHLON
    • Good light poor quality build

      Ronnie (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Held on by a slide on bracket with a tiny spring loaded ball.
      If you hit a few bumps on a road the light flies off!
      Smashed one, second one is permanatly fixed to my bike just incase!!!
      Bright light
      Falls off!
      Response of the brand
      Hi Ronnie,
      Thanks for your mail, apologies for the issues that you have had with these lights, I will pass all your feedback on to the product manager in France.
      In the meantime, if you would like to exchange the set for another model, or would like a full refund, then please don't hesitate to call into a store.
      Pete Lazarus Market Manager
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