Regulator Adult Freestyle Freeride Skis - Green

    Designed for good skiers who don't want to choose between freestyle and freeride!

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    Characteristics Designed for good skiers who don't want to choose between freestyle and freeride!
    Product Benefits
    1. Buoyancy
      94 mm wide, the Regulator provides good lift on powdery snow.
    2. Versatility
      The Bi-tip profile and short radius make it a good ski in parks and on slopes.
    3. Ease of handling
      The double rocker on standard camber fuses ease of handling and tolerance.
    4. Rigidity
    5. Stability
      The wood core (flipcore) and the width under the foot offer good stability.
    6. Traction
      The straight edge construction ensures good management of turns.
    • Sizes
      179 cm 186 cm
    • Sidecut
      127/94/113, 19 m in 179 cm
    • Programme
      80% Off-piste
    Product feature
    1. Construction:
      100% Wood Core
    2. Bindings:
      Marker bindings, TP11 Demo model
    3. Preparation:
      Waxed and sharpened skis, ready to use. Edge sharpened at 89°
    4. What is an arch?
      When placing a ski on the ground, the ski points of contact on the ground are found near the tip and heel whereas the middle of the ski (under the attachments) is slightly raised (this is the arch). The longer and higher the arch, the more high-impact and responsive the ski. The lower, the more tolerant and manageable it is.
    5. What is a rocker?
      On a rocker ski, the tip (and sometimes the heel) come off the ground well before the ski arch, which serves to move the ski points of contact towards the centre. The ski surface in contact with the snow immediately provides manoeuvrability and ease of handling on soft snow. When taking corners, the edge length provides grip on hard snow. The longer the rocker, the more manageable the ski. The shorter, the more high-impact the ski.
    6. Camber
      Rocker profile at ends, camber in the middle section. Owing to the slightly reduced pressure on the edge at both ends, the ski is more manageable and offers greater lift in powdery snow. The camber guarantees excellent grip on bashed snow.
    7. Rocker
      FlipCore is revolutionary rocker-based technology. The advantages of this new structure: natural flex, excellent lift on powdery snow and unflappable stability. A natural rocker without artificially bending the ski in a press. An innovative rocker offering exceptional stability and balanced distribution of the ski pressure.
    8. What are ski sidecuts?
      The sidecuts have 3 sides, the width of the tip (front of ski), the skate (middle of ski) and the heel (back of ski). The wider the tip, the easier it is to enter turns. The slimmer the skate, the more tenacious the ski on hard snow. The wider the skate, the more comfortable and stable the ski in changing snow conditions. The wider the heel, the more involved the ski in turns. The slimmer the heel, the easier it slides.
    9. What is a ski radius?
      Do you like tackling big turns: Big turns: radius > 18 m Opt for skis with a large radius. Less vibrations and more comfortable management. You will love everything: big turns, small turns: Medium turns: universal radius of between 14 and 18 m Opt for medium radius. Look for multi-radius skis You prefer small turns: Small turns: radius < 14 m Skis with a small radius respond more quickly and turn better.
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      The Regulator is the FS BACK COUNTRY of Blizzard. It performs and offers grip. Very versatile, in parks but also on slopes. 95 mm under the foot, also good in powdery snow.
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