Skipping Rope + Weights

Designed for boxers wanting to develop their fitness and muscles (weights: 150 g + 250 g).

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Characteristics Designed for boxers wanting to develop their fitness and muscles (weights: 150 g + 250 g).
Product Benefits
  1. Ease of use
    Ball bearings make handle rotation easier. Non-slip handles
  2. Anatomic design
    2 pairs of 150 g and 250 g weights. Adjustable length: 2.75 m max.
  3. Durability
    Vinyl rope. Galvanised steel weights to make them last longer.
  • Contains
    2 pairs of 150 g and 250 g weights.
  • Colour
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main part : 100.0% PVC
  2. Product restrictions
    Do not skip barefoot or without seeking medical advice.
  3. Product catchline
    Skipping rope for boxers (boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, full-contact karate) or people doing martial arts. Comes with 150 g + 250 g weights so that it can be adapted to the user.
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  • The best rope ever

    Ashequl (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    have been boxing on and off for 8 years and have used many ropes both cheap and expensive including the named brands.
    Bought this after my trusty favourite skipping rope got lost/stolen in the gym after 4 years of use hence I was happy to spend money to get a good replacement.
    I am very happy with the length, longer is almost always better as I feel extended arms work the upper body and develop better kinaesthetic awareness.
    The weight and material of the actual rope is perfect as it is neither so flexible it is difficult to maintain a constant arch nor is it so stiff it is difficult to keep moving.
    The handle weights are simple and effective, simply using a flathead screwdriver to change them out and once they are in place there is smooth movement wholly devoid of any irritating rattles. I have tried 150g thus far and have found it is weighty enough, I normally box at sub 84kg so I reckon this weight would be challenging for most if not just slip in the 250g ;-).
    The only downside is the foam which keeps on moving as there is not enough friction between it and the metal handles to keep it in place, this can easily be fixed using glue/double sided tape/hairspray which is the reason why this product I still rate 5 star.
    For new skippers this rope would be a challenge, the learning curve will be large but eventually very worth it, if possible buy a speed rope for £3 and alternate between that and this.
    People more experienced; this rope will be a welcome challenge.
    There you go, didn't think so much could be said about a rope lol.
    good weight and fluid action
    foam on handles keeps on moving