VIRB X Action Camera + Handlebar Support + 16 G MicroSD Card

    Designed for resisting the most extreme environments, VIRB X is waterproof to 50 meters without a dive case.

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    Characteristics Designed for resisting the most extreme environments, VIRB X is waterproof to 50 meters without a dive case.
    Product Benefits
    1. Waterproof
      Up to 50 meters
    2. Autonomy
      Up to 2 hours
    3. Lightweight
      Weighs 151 grams
    4. Image quality
      12 megapixels, burst up to 10 pictures per second.
    5. Compatibility
      Compatible with Garmin and Geonaute accessories (co-nect)
    • Product type
      Video camera
    Product feature
    1. Professional Video Capture
      With the ability to shoot stunning high definition video in 1080p30 and 480p120, VIRB X is ready to capture your experiences in vivid detail. Featuring a custom, all-glass lens, high resolutions and zoom levels, VIRB X ensures you get the shots you need
    2. High-quality Photography
      With a dedicated photo button and the ability to shoot wide-angle 12 megapixel photos at speeds up to 10 frames per second, VIRB X is designed to get the image. You can even capture photos while recording video. VIRB X can also be set to automatically capture photos over long periods of time at customizable intervals up to 120 seconds.
    3. G-Metrix sensors
      VIRB X contains built-in Garmin: GPS, G-force, orientation sensors to capture even more of your adventures, with all their high speed, bewildering loops and jumps from crazy heights. VIRB X has the ability to wirelessly connect to external sensors and Garmin devices to capture even more performance data while cycling or boating. Use VIRB Edit, our editing software, to narrate your thrilling adventure and include automatic performance gauges and graphs.
    4. Compact design and performance
      Small and lightweight, VIRB X will follow you everywhere and will get every part of your action. VIRB X can dive deep (down to 50 metres) without any additional equipment or case. The built-in microphone records clean, clear audio. Thanks to a hydrophobic, flat, glass lens, underwater shots are crystal clear while transitions in and out of the water stay unobstructed by droplets.
    5. Built-in Wi-Fi
      Line up your shot with live video preview, then connect one or more VIRB X cameras to the Garmin VIRB® Mobile App on your compatible smartphone¹ or tablet to preview or control multiple cameras. You can playback and edit recorded footage, overlay G-Metrix data and push your videos to the cloud. VIRB X can even be controlled, configured and viewed from a compatible Garmin device.
    6. One-touch Recording
      VIRB X was engineered for easy operation with a 1-touch record switch on the top of the camera and a dedicated shutter button for still photos in the same place (like on your photo camera). The solid click of the switch makes it easy to know that you are recording. Control is at your fingertip, even if the camera is mounted on your head or if you wear gloves .
    7. Keep Going with Rugged Power
      VIRB X features weatherproof power contacts so you can connect to a vehicle battery or other power source to allow for long periods of uninterrupted recording in even the toughest conditions. VIRB X also features a rechargeable/replaceable lithium-ion battery for maximum flexibility.
    8. Bluetooth-enabled HD Audio
      Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, VIRB X can connect directly to wireless Bluetooth headsets or microphones to capture audio in high definition.
    9. Remote Control Ecosystem
      Complement your camera with the optional VIRB remote and all types of mobile navigation devices that can be attached to the clothes or mounted. You can obtain additional data from optional Garmin sensors such as Garmin Vector cycling power sensor, Garmin heart rate sensor, wearables or compatible flight decks.
    10. Multi-camera Synchronization
      Using the power of Garmin GPS, VIRB X simplifies complicated multi-camera shots by automatically synchronizing footage with sub-frame accuracy using GPS timestamps. Use VIRB Edit to seamlessly switch between multiple camera angles with the click of a button, eliminating time-consuming realignment and time codes.
    11. Pack content
      - VIRB X action camera - Handlebar support (large diameter) - 16 GB micro SD card - Rechargeable battery - Charging cable - Flat and curved adhesive mounts - Short mount adaptor - Long screw - Wrench - User manual
    12. Dimensions
      - Device dimensions (H x L x D): 77.0 x 40.6 x 36.8 mm - Display dimensions: 25.4 mm diagonal; (128 x 128)
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      The VIRB X action camera shoots rich, high-definition, wide-angle footage at 1080p30, 12 megapixel photos at up to 10 frames per second, and captures more of your action.
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    • Good deal - price - quality

      Dan (United Kingdom)
      Used for 7 to 12 months
      Few months ago I bought my first camera Virb X... After some minors technical details: one SD card already used need to be formatted in computer/laptop with basic, handlebar mount etc... in finnally, VIRB X start to show what she can do it... I was surprised to see one good quality image in movies and pictures - in time I used dedicated software - VIRB Edit which had minimall options to can edit your movies, anyway this soft add your .fit file on your movies (.fit files show your details like: speed, map, cadence, heart rate details on final movie). If you don't want this details, can be used Movie Maker...
      In one moment, after one update camera don't want to work longer: i put it on to record and she stop himself after few seconds, or she close himself...
      Anyway, Decathlon's policy give me the option to replace or to take money back... I decide to replace this product and I used same card: Samsung EVO 64G (5 hours recorded time or 9999 pictures).
      Conclusion: for this money you will made one reasonable quality investition to can have your memories or witnesses (hope to not be necessary any moments).... I read it on internet review between Go Pro and VIRB X pro and contra but for one medium budget seems to be one good option...

      PS. Thank you Decathlon team - I was in store, I meet one guy from "Customer Services" I tell him and show him camera problems. Him realised immediatelly camera had some problems and give the options: replace or money back! I decide for replacement and in few minutes I can go out from store with a new camera which working perfectly...
      Like idea: Youtube, look for "Dan Munteanu" channel and you will see regullary movies made it with VIRB X.
      Pictures and movies are really nice