Willamette Inflatable 2 or 3 Person Kayak

    Designed for occasional kayak cruising for 2 or 3 people in calm waters.

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    Characteristics Designed for occasional kayak cruising for 2 or 3 people in calm waters.
    Product Benefits
    1. Volume
      For 1 to 3 persons (2 adults + 1 child) up to 210 kg.
    2. Easy assembly / dismantling
      Kayak can be inflated in approximately 10 minutes with a dual-action hand pump.
    3. Stability
      Stable due to its 93 cm width.
    4. Glide performance
      Straight, smooth hull, owing to the raised seats.
    • Type
    • Seats
      3 person
    • Maximum load
      200 to 230 kg
    Product feature
    1. Technical dimensions
      Length: 375 cm Width: 93 cm Weight: 19 kg Box size: Length: 76.3 cm Height: 46.1 cm Depth: 24.5 cm
    Product testing
    1. Storage advice
      Deflate, fold. Store away from heat and humidity.
    2. Product restrictions
      Do not leave inflated in direct sunlight: risk of overinflation.
    3. Product catchline
      An inflatable kayak designed for touring for 2 or 3 people. Replaces the Hudson model.
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    5 / 5
    2 reviews
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    • Like it!

      Trevor (United Kingdom)
      Used for 3 to 6 months
      I bought this for me and the kids to use on the river and I have to say that they absolutely love it, Plenty of room for all 3 us and a bag of food and refreshments.
      The first time I took this out I ended up doing about 11miles and it was very easy to manoeuvre on the water, the only thing I struggled with was trying to carry it around the locks by my self due to the length but when I had the kids with me it was a breeze
      Plenty of room, very stable, quick to inflate
      A bit of a bugger to portage on your own
    • Absolute Bargain

      Matthew (United Kingdom)
      Used for 3 to 6 months
      Had bben looking for àn inflatable kayak for a while and was llokjng through the range of Sevylor.
      If you look on their website this model is not listed, and Decathlon state that it's an update for the Hudson. After confirmation from Sevylor this is incorrect. This model is actually a version of the Alameda. When you see the price for the Alameda, you'll see how much of a bargain this is.
      We ordered this last week, used it at the weekend and were suitably impressed. It took about 10 mins to inflate. We donned our life jackets and used separate single oars (purchased elewhere), and paddled about 7 miles along a canal. The seats are comfortable, being inflated, and although not very high backs they do give support. Deflating and packing away took about the same time.
      My only negative is that is is heavy at 19kg, but when you feel how thick the material is and how robust the kayak is assembled, you can understand.

      Overall this is well worth the money, but you need to factor in about an extra £100 for life jackets, paddles, pump, and a dry bag is a worthy investment.

      It is also worth noting that a river and canal license is required on these waterways for about £34 a year, but buy it from I think it's the canoe club, and you get free 3rd party insurance.