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Discover Skateboarding offer in Decathlon

Be an adult or child, beginner or experienced skateboarding is a great sport for all ages and levels.  It is a technical sport that requires practice to dominate the art of skateboarding completely. To favor that we can all practice this sport in a safe way, the Oxelo brand offers us different Penny, skateboards, cruisers, longboards and high quality waveboards ranges at a good price.

Choose your skate table well

For newcomers, we briefly summarize the four main characteristics of a skate table: the grip tape that improves the grip to the essential table for the practice of tricks. The truck that directly influence the maneuverability and driving of the skate, the deck that may vary both in their composition and in the form. And finally the wheels. For example, the highest quality tables are composed of wood from Canadian Maple, and those of less quality of Chinese wood. A narrow table requires good control since it is relatively fast and agile. However, a wide table is safer and more stable and facilitates balance. Originally, a skateboard is conceived for practice in skatepark while larger tables are used in other disciplines such as longboard or cruising that are suitable for longer rides.

Skateboard  for beginners 

In Oxelo we have a wide variety of skateboards for kids and adults. For the first contact shots with this sport, we recommend the Play 120 range, conceived for the little ones between 4 and 7 years. Perfect for balance training, the Chinese wood table, the plastic trucks, the wheels and the bearings of an ABEC 3 make learning to ride more fun, we also see our plastic cruiser type of skate perfect for children who want to start with the first short ride. It is not a skateboard designed for tricks. Although with a little practice you will soon be prepared to acquire a more technical skateboard.

Skateboard Mid range for the first tricks

For the most daring who want to take their first steps on the highest quality skate, our MID range is the right selection. With these tables, even the skaters with a little practice can start making their first "Ollies", "Flips" and "Grinds". The MID model table is composed of 50% Chinese rolled wood and 50% of Canadian Maple.

Security above all

For the most daring, just like skates and bike, the skate also requires protection for possible falls or accidents. It is important to wear helmet. In addition, the use of protective pads for greater security in the knee, elbows and writs area is recommended. Wheels and Grips are regularly worn away and should be replaced. Do not hesitate to visit our skate parts section where you will find a variety of very attractive colors.