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  1. Price €30.00

    3-Step Trampoline Ladder

  2. Price €40.00

    Net Essential 300

  3. Price €21.00

    Trampoline Anchor Kit

  4. Price €10.00

    Bike Grease Tube Teflon™

  5. Price €4.00

    Cords Hexagonal 240

  6. Price €6.00

    Trampoline Caps

  7. Price €46.00

    Essential 300 Jump Mat

  8. Price €21.00

    Handrail Fit Trampo 500

  9. Price €13.00

    Essential 300 Frame

  10. Price €4.00

    Essential 300 Rope

  11. Price €13.00

    Trampoline Screws Set

Where to buy a Trampoline in Ireland?

When purchasing a trampoline or mini trampoline it is vital to shop with people who have expert knowledge in the area such as Decathlon. Our trampolines are made to the highest safety standards and from high quality material to ensure durability. Our team can advise you on the best type of trampoline to suit your needs in-store or online. And don’t forget that Decathlon offers a two year guarantee on all Decathlon products! You can purchase online and have your new trampoline delivered to your door or order click and collect or just visit us in-store and ask a member of staff for assistance.


Decathlon supplies a wide variety of trampolines designed for different purposes including mini trampolines, hexagonal trampolines more suited for adults and children who wish to exercise or have fun in the back garden and cardio and fitness trampolines suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Our range of trampolines come in a variety of sizes including 8ft trampolines, 10ft trampolines and 17ft trampolines.

Hexagonal Trampoline

Our hexagonal trampoline range comes in a variety of sizes and is suited best to an open outside area where the kids can have some fun and also get some exercise. Safety is paramount when purchasing a trampoline and we have designed a stable structure that complies with regulatory standards and provides impact protection thanks to the addition of a net and protective foam covering the trampoline poles.

Cardio and Fitness Trampoline

If you are thinking “the kids are having so much fun on that trampoline I should buy one for myself” then you would be correct. Decathlon supplies a range of cardio and fitness trampolines that can be used indoors and outdoors for a range of activities including gymnastics and pilates. Some of our range come with a front bar which you can hold onto during your exercise regime and folding legs so it doesn’t take up too much space in your home. Some of our fitness and cardio trampolines have grip pads on the bottom of the feet to ensure the trampoline does not move when you bounce and some also come with folding legs so it doesn’t take up much too much storage space in your home.

If you are purchasing a trampoline for cardio and fitness you may also like our range of fitness mats or a set of dumbbells so you can incorporate more exercise into your regime.

Trampoline for Kids

Our trampolines come in a range of colors and sizes for you to choose from and we even stock trampolines for kids! Our team designed this mini trampoline for kids to help children develop their psychomotor skills and become more autonomous. The rebound level in this trampoline range is designed so that children can bounce safely.

Trampolining Accessories

Trampoline Cover

Not only do we supply a selection of high quality trampolines, we also supply a range of trampoline accessories that you may need over the course of owning a trampoline. Our range includes trampoline covers to protect your trampoline from adverse weather conditions and dust. Our waterproof trampoline covers will ensure your trampoline remains dry. Attaching the cover couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is fold the posts onto the trampoline bed and attach the cover!

Trampoline Ladder

We also supply a range of ladders so you and your kids can safely enter and exit the trampoline. Some of our ladder range are also compatible with multiple trampolines! The ladder itself is designed with wide, non-slip steps to ensure you and your kids safety.

Trampoline Anchor Kit

One of the most important accessories for your trampoline is an anchor kit. Our selection of trampoline anchor kits firmly plant your trampoline to the ground which is especially important during windy weather conditions! Our anchor kits are easy to use and in a matter of minutes your trampoline will be secure and ready to use.

Spare parts for Trampoline

Over the course of use every product eventually will need a replacement part. Our team offers a selection of all the necessary equipment to ensure your trampoline remains in a high quality working order. We supply trampoline pole connectors for joining the beams of the trampoline together, trampoline nets that provide impact protection and come with a closed zip, flexible and robust replacement jump mats and the necessary trampoline rope to join together your jump mat and the trampoline net. Our range of replacement pole legs and pole rail brackets are available for a variety of different trampolines and we also supply replacement poles for the frame of the trampoline that have been treated against the possibility of rust. We even stock replacement safety padding to protect the springs of the trampoline!