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  1. Price €185.00

    BMX Wipe 100 20"

  2. Price €155.00

    BMX Wipe 500 16"

  3. Price €225.00

    BMX Wipe 500 20"

  4. Price €205.00

    BMX Wipe 500 18"

  5. €99.99
    Price €79.99


  6. €140.00
    Price €120.00

    16 Inch KIDS BIKE ASTRONAUT 500 4-6 YEARS OLD - white

  7. €130.00
    Price €105.00

    KIDS 14'' BIKE OCEAN 500 3-5 YEARS OLD


Kid's Bike

When shopping for a kids bike there are many different options for you to consider. This can range from the type of bike your child wishes to have, ranging from BMX and mountain bike to hybrid or balance bike. Decathlon offers a variety of bike types and models to our customers while guaranteeing high quality, affordable equipment and friendly advice on any questions you may have along the way.

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Girls Bikes

Decathlon offers a large variety of bikes for girls. Our store stocks kids mountain bikes for girls as well as hybrid bikes for girls, balance bikes or tricycles, BMX’s and city bikes for girls.

Mountain Bikes for Girls

Beginning with kid mountain bikes. Our classic 18 speed kids mountain bike allows her to cycle over rough terrain due to the sturdy frame accompanied by a high quality suspension fork, more thicker and durable mountain bike tyres, V-Brakes, ease of use grip shift gears and a comfortable sporty saddle made just for kids.

Hybrid Bikes for Girls

Our 6 speed hybrid bikes allow her to cycle on pathways and roads. Hybrid bikes, by design, are for all year round cycling in all weather conditions. A hybrid bike for her will ensure she enjoys cycling in parks and greenways with her friends or cycles into town for ice cream with Mam.

City Bike for Girls

The city bike is mainly suited for urban cities and park cycling. Our city bike offers your child a comfortable cycling experience on a kid bike that makes cycling around the park and city much easier.

Kids bikes for ages 3 - 6

Decathlon has created a catalog of kids bikes for all age groups. One of our most popular groups is the 3 - 6 years of age bike range. These bikes are between 14 and 16 inches and are mostly purchased as a child’s first bike. This is the perfect starting point for a young child before graduating to a larger kid bike or mountain bike, learning to walk before you can run is vital! Our range of bikes come with or without training wheels and in a variety of colors for you to choose from. We also stock some very special bikes with themed color schemes that we are sure your little boy or girl would love too.

Kids bikes for ages 6 - 12

Our range of bikes for ages 6 - 12 represent not only a jump in age but also in bike type. When your child has outgrown their previous bike it can be time to get a more specialized bike. Decathlon stocks city bikes, mountain bikes and even hybrid bikes for ages 6-12 with a variety of speeds including 1 speed bikes for beginners. Our offering caters to both boys and girls and all our bikes come in a variety of colors for them to choose from. Unsure what bike suits your child best? Call into our store and one of our staff will be happy to assist you with bike types, sizes and any other needs you may have.

Boys Bikes

Decathlon offers a large variety of bikes for boys. Our store stocks kids mountain bikes for boys as well as hybrid bikes, balance bikes, BMX and city bikes.

Mountain Bike for boys

Our boys selection of bikes at Decathlon caters for all types of little cycling enthusiasts. Our durable kids mountain bike makes the perfect present for cycling over rough terrain, through wooded areas and parks. Our mountain bikes come with a front suspension fork to absorb the impact of rougher terrain, and in a range of speeds starting from 1 speed for the mountain bike beginner and higher speeds for the more advanced cyclist. Our offering covers ages from 6-12 years of age.

BMX Bikes

For the more adventurous kid we have you covered! We also stock a selection of bicycle motocross bikes or as they are more commonly known, BMX bikes. Although widely considered before to be just a stunt bike the BMX has become immensely popular over the years in the kids bike category. Our BMX range are highly durable bikes that allow for cycling over rougher terrains whether that be in the local skate park or just cycling to the shop for sweets!

Tricycles or Balance Bikes

Deciding on a child’s first bike is an important part of parenthood and of course childhood. Decathlon aims to make this occasion memorable and enjoyable by providing a selection of high quality tricycles and balance bikes for your little girl or boy. Balance bikes allow your child to practice braking and balancing on a low frame bike with footrests and a sturdy brake designed just for kids. Our tricycles and balance bikes are designed with safety in mind and come with smaller, thicker wheels for better bike control. And of course our selection comes in a wide variety of colors for your child to choose from.

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