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Camping Stoves & Cartridges

Are you an avid hiker and looking to head out on longer treks or are you just in the market for a new camping stove? At Decathlon, we stock a range of portable stoves and cartridges as well as accessories for these. Browse our entire range of portable gas stoves and when you have made your selection, decide whether you want to receive your new product via our speedy home delivery service or our convenient click-and-collect option.

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If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase we do offer a 2 year warranty for all Decathlon products and a 365 day returns offer for all online orders.

What is a camping stove?

A camping stove is every long-distance hiker or cyclist's best friend. It is a portable gadget used for cooking outdoors. A good cooking stove needs to be small enough to be easily stored in a backpack and also lightweight.

Camping gas stoves allow you to cook some amazing meals with ease on the go or at your campsite. At Decathlon, we supply different types of camping stoves including gas stoves and wood-burning stoves.

Gas camping stoves generally come in two components; a cartridge that contains the gas (usually butane) and then there is the burner assembly which is either fitted to the top of the cartridge or freestanding and attached by a small hose or pipe. Gas stoves often have an adjustable burner so that you can control the amount of fuel you are burning and the heat emitted by the flames. This is a very handy feature for cooking your food at a certain temperature or for conserving fuel on multi-day trips.

Wood-burning stoves are a more environmentally friendly alternative to the gas stove as wood is a renewable resource, but is just as convenient (as long as you have the time and knowledge to gather your own fuel while out on your adventures). The main benefit of this style of stove is that you do not have to carry your own fuel, you can just collect it when you’re ready to start cooking or brewing.

Who needs a camping stove?

Camping stoves come in very handy for many different activities. Campers, hikers, and bike-packers often travel with a compact camping stove, but it’s not exclusively used by endurance adventurers. Anyone can use these handy portable stoves whenever they like. They are so handy for a trip to the beach or a little picnic with friends.

They are perfect to brew yourself a cup of coffee when you wake up in the morning after a peaceful night of wild camping and don't forget your pan to throw on a few breakfast bites to go with your coffee.

What are the benefits of camping stoves?

There are many benefits to carrying a camping stove with you on your adventures. One benefit is the convenience of them. They’re quick to set up and light and allow you to make full meals on the go with no difficulty. 

Camping stoves, especially gas camping stoves, reach high temperatures very quickly, meaning it will not take too long before you can dig into your meal or start sipping your warm cup of tea.

Portable camping stoves are also very lightweight meaning they won’t hold you down on long camping or hiking trips. You won’t even notice the extra weight in your bag on your adventures.

All of the stoves that we supply are compact and portable. They will fit into almost every bag and are the perfect accessory for an outdoor get-together with friends and family.

Safety tips for your camping stove

It is always important to be safe when cooking with an open flame so we’ve put together a few tips to ensure your safety when cooking.

  1. Always set up your apparatus on a flat, even surface.

  2. Never cook near or inside your tent, no matter how cold it is outside. It’s not worth the risk.

  3. Be sure that your stove has cooled down fully before removing any gas cartridges attached.

  4. Clean thoroughly (if necessary with the type of stove) after using it and make sure you store the cartridges and stoves in a cool and dry place.

  5. Check your stove before each use for any damage and do not use it if it appears to be damaged.

  6. Do not attempt to modify your appliances.

These are just a few tips to help you stay safe, you should still read the manufacturer's instructions before using any new stove.

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