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Paddles , pumps and accessories

When you purchase a stand up paddle it is important to also purchase the necessary paddlespumps and accessories that you need to maintain a high level of quality. Our range of stand up paddles come in 2 part and 3 part adjustable formats so you can adjust the length of the paddle depending on your height. The compact design ensures it can be folded up and fit in the boot of your car and be easily stored at your home without taking up too much space. Fitted with an ergonomic handle, our adjustable paddle ensures comfort for your use. Don’t forget to purchase a cover for your paddles to prevent them becoming damaged. We stock a range of excellent covers for you to choose from. 

A key product to always have at hand is a paddle board pump. Our options include a high pressure hand pump and an electric pump that can be also used on kayaks! Our high pressure hand pump is designed to easily inflate SUPs to pressures of up to 20 PSI. The structure with two compression tubes is powerful and comfortable. The pump is small and compact so it can also be easily stored in your house and can fit in your boot beside your paddle and paddle board. Our electric pump provides up to 15 PSI (1 bar) of pressure on demand. It can be used to effortlessly inflate low-pressure kayaks and high-pressure SUP boards. All you have to do is set the pressure and start the pump and you are on the water in no time! The lightweight nature of the electric pump makes it easy to transport also. To transport your paddle and paddle board check out our range of paddle carry straps, trolleys and paddle board carry bags to ensure you can carry all your necessary equipment without injuring yourself or making multiple runs back to the car!

Some useful accessories that you may want to check out include a paddle board fin that provides excellent directional control and stability on the water. Our range also includes stand up paddle fins for inflatable paddle boards so you can get up to speed in no time. While out on the water you want to ensure that your personal belongings stay safe and dry. We would advise you to purchase a waterproof bag, waterproof pockets or a waterproof box depending on the space available and needed. Our selection caters to a variety of sizes and designs from backpacks and shoulder bags to small waterproof phone pouches.

Stand up paddle boards

Our range of paddle boards here at Decathlon cater for touring stand up paddlerace stand up paddle and wave stand up paddle. Deciding which board suits your needs best has never been easier with our detailed high quality range. For the beginners check out our inflatable 11 foot paddle board range which provides a stable and easy-to-handle, generously sized inflatable Stand Up Paddle (SUP) for users above 80 kg, for cruising or surfing small waves. For those advanced paddle boarders entering in competitions we have an inflatable paddle board that has a semi-rigid bow and tail for greater speed. Perfect for practicing, yet compact enough for travel and perfect for competing on calm water. If you prefer a more all in one setup head on over and check out our range of stand up paddle board packages! Our range of stand up paddle boards come in a variety of sizes depending on your experience and can be used across a wide range of paddle board activities, all that’s left for you to worry about is what color you prefer!

Paddle Board Replacement parts

Replacement parts are a key part of paddle boarding. Over the course of time and use your paddle board will require a replacement part and we have a great selection for you that includes all the necessary parts to keep your paddleboard operating at its best in the water. Our neoprene patch repair kit is one of the most popular accessories along with screw nuts to keep your paddle board fin in place and our range of paddle locking system screws.

Paddle Board Wetsuit and boots

Before you get on the water ensure you are wearing the correct gear. Our range of wetsuits for paddleboarding and boots for paddleboarding offer you the grip, warmth and protection needed for paddle boarding. Our wetsuit range includes wetsuit shorts with options made from neoprene and full length wetsuit pants also with neoprene options. If a full body wetsuit is more your style we have you covered with our stand up paddle neoprene wetsuits and for the competitors out there we have a stylish tank top shorty suit that provides excellent freedom of movement.

Buoyancy aid vests

Safety is key on the water and we would strongly advise that you do not enter the water without a high quality buoyancy vest. Our product selection has many varieties that can be used across a range of watersports that we highly encourage you to check out.