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Women's Parkas

Do you want to keep warm this winter and look good doing it? Check out Decathlon’s wide range of long, well-insulated, cosy jackets. If that style appeals to you a parka is the jacket for you. In other words, the parka jacket is one of the best winter jackets available for women right now. ... See more

Browse our entire range of women’s parka jackets on our website and when you have made your decision, choose whether you want to receive your new product via our speedy home delivery service or our convenient click-and-collect option. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we offer a 2 year warranty for all Decathlon products and a 365 day returns offer for all online orders.

What are parkas?

Parkas are a cut above the rest when it comes to comfort, warmth, and fashion this winter. Let's be real for a minute if a jacket can be both insanely comfortable and fashionable wouldn't that make it the best type of jacket on the market? Well, that's exactly where the parka sits. It is often referred to as the best style of jacket and is a staple in many people's wardrobes. Parkas are defined as a very warm jacket that covers more of a person's body than a regular jacket. They often reach past one's hips and are heavily insulated keeping the wearer warm, comfortable and looking good. How does a fur-hooded jacket sound to you? At Decathlon, we have parkas with fur hoods available in many different colours including black, blue, and yellow. So you’re guaranteed to find the perfect jacket to suit your style.

Who are women’s parka jackets for?

If you’re a woman who gets cold very fast on a hike and struggles to warm up then a parka jacket could be perfect for you. Their sheer size is enough to keep you warm and protect you from the chilly winds on top of any mountains. They are also stuffed full of insulation to ensure that you stay warm in even the most challenging of temperatures. They can be the difference between having the best or worst hike of your life. No one wants to spend the first half an hour of their work day blowing warm air into their hands in a futile attempt to heat up. That is why parkas are the perfect commuter's jacket to ensure that you show up to the office bone dry and warm. Their waterproof and windproof qualities will ensure that you have an enjoyable trip to work. Now if you’re a social walker or just enjoy a peaceful stroll around the park with your dog, a parka jacket should be a no-brainer. It’s the perfect jacket to keep you warm on a gentle walk. Pair it with a set of gloves and a winter scarf and you won’t even feel like it’s -5 degrees outside and snowing. The job of being a parent never stops, even in the depths of winter your children will want to head to the park and have some fun, leaving you standing in the cold watching them. Now imagine this scenario but in a massive parka that will keep you warm and cosy while you watch your kids have the time of their life. Sounds a lot better right? Campers know the constant struggle with staying warm. Their solution, pack a parka. It can act as a second sleeping bag if you wake up cold in the middle of the night. Protecting you from the severe Irish elements during winter nights, parka jackets are a must-have on any winter camping expedition.

Choosing the perfect parka jacket for women

We don't want you to make any compromises between style, comfort, and affordability. That is why, at Decathlon, we supply the best quality parkas to keep you warm this winter at affordable prices. What you do with the savings you make shopping with us is up to you, but we recommend a hot cup of hot chocolate from a local café on a crisp winter’s day. If you still aren’t sure that a parka is the right jacket for you, we have a fantastic team just waiting to help you. You can reach out to us online or visit us in-store and one of our expert team members will help you to find everything you need. We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of parkas for women and that your new jacket keeps you warm and cosy all winter long. See more