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Men's Winter Jackets

Did you put off buying your winter jacket for too long and have now been blind-sighted by the changing weather? If so, then fear not! At Decathlon, we supply a wide range of high-quality, affordable winter jackets for men to ensure that you keep the cold out every time you leave the house. ... See more

Browse the entire range of men’s winter jackets on our website and when you have made your decision, choose whether you want to receive your new product via our speedy home delivery service or our convenient click-and-collect option. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we offer a 2 year warranty for all Decathlon products and a 365 day returns offer for all online orders.

What are winter jackets?

Winter jackets are basically jackets that have been tailor-made for the Irish climate. They are designed to protect you from the wet, cold, and winds that an Irish winter may throw at you. How does a new black puffer coat sound or maybe a hooded waterproof jacket? With so many different styles to choose from at Decathlon, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect jacket to keep you warm all winter.

What are the benefits of winter jackets for men?

We all know how cold it gets during an Irish winter. Now, what if we told you that you can protect yourself from the cold with a well-insulated winter jacket? Winter jackets are specially designed using insulating materials, either down or synthetic, to protect you from harsh cold conditions every time you step outside this winter. If you're looking to impress your friends this winter then a stylish new winter jacket might be just the way to do it. We understand how important it is for your jacket to look good as well as feel good. That is why, at Decathlon, we supply a wide range of jackets in many different styles so that you can find the perfect one to suit you. Another great feature of many winter jackets is that they are waterproof or water resistant. This is essential for anyone who lives in Ireland, as we all know how heavy the rain can get here and when you're out on a walk, up a mountain, or on your way to work a water-resistant winter jacket really can make all the difference. If you’ve ever sat at the top of a mountain in winter you’ll know how cold the icy winds can get. That is why a new winter jacket from Decathlon may be the perfect investment for you this year. A winter jacket has windproof properties that will help to keep you warm no matter how hard those cold winter winds hit you.

Do I need a winter jacket?

Winter jackets should be an essential item in any man’s wardrobe. They are the perfect piece to complete your winter event look or to keep you protected from the elements on a wet and windy coastal cliff walk. Hikers know all too well how important a good jacket is on top of the hills. Even if it’s a comfortable 10 degrees at sea level, on top of a mountain it can be below freezing with 65km/h winds and a /10 degrees wind chill. Now we don’t need to tell you they’re testing conditions to be in without the right gear. Lucky for you, at Decathlon, we supply a wide range of winter jackets that can handle that level of wind and rain so you stay warm and dry on your next hiking adventure. Commuting in winter can be miserable. Especially if it involves a bit of a walk in the changeable Irish weather. Your best bet to make the commute a bit more enjoyable is to throw on your favourite winter jacket. Preferably a nice waterproof one so you don’t show up to work absolutely drenched. We supply a wide variety of stylish jackets so you can show up looking good as well as dry.

Choosing the perfect men’s winter jacket

You shouldn’t have to make compromises between comfort, style, and affordability when buying your new winter jacket. That’s why, at Decathlon, we supply only the best quality and comfortable winter jackets for men at affordable prices, allowing you to have some extra cash to treat yourself to a hot coffee, sit outside, and enjoy the beautiful Irish rain. If you are ever unsure about which winter jacket is the perfect one for you, you can always reach out to us online or visit us in-store and an expert member of our staff will be happy to help you. We hope you enjoy browsing our vast selection of men’s winter jackets and that your new jacket helps you to enjoy your next adventure in the cold Irish weather. See more