Designed for Mountaineers for ice climbing, North face and ice gullies.

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Product benefits
  1. Traction
    Laser machined banana shaped pick; sharpened tip and teeth
  2. Lightweight
    560 g in Adze version 600 g in Hammer version
  3. Ergonomic grip
    Highly adhesive rubberised handle with hand rest, Power Trac leash
  4. Flexibility
    Pick and adze/hammer are easy to replace by using ice axe pick
  • Size
    50 cm
  • Total weight
    560 g (P) - 600 g (M)
  • Stds / Certif.
    CE, EN13089, UIAA, Type 2
Product feature
  1. Pick
    Hardened steel banana shaped pick, effective in packed snow and ice. Laser machined; sharpened teeth and tip give you pin point accuracy. Rust resistant surface treatment.Quickly interchangeable pick, thanks to male/female screw fitting system, that screws and unscrews using ice axe pick. Type 1 pick.
  2. Shaft
    Short curved shaft, perfectly shaped for climbing steep ice walls. Aluminium shaft makes it lighter.Narrower mid shaft (Carving concept) allows you to get a better grip, whilst making shaft much stiffer.Type 2 Shaft.
  3. Handle
    Handle with highly adhesive rubber grip for using in overhead/hooking position. Protruding hand rest on lower part of shaft for resting on steep ice climbs.
  4. Spike
    Steel spike for using as a walking ice axe. Rust resistant surface treatment.
  5. Adze/hammer
    Quickly interchangeable adze and hammer, thanks to male/female screw fitting system, that screws and unscrews using ixe ace pick.
  6. Wrist strap
    Power Trac leash supplied with ice axe. Leash can be clipped on and unclipped in one go. Leash fastens around wrist with hook & loop strap.
  7. Size
    50 cm
  8. Stds / Labels
    CE, EN13089, Type 2 shaft, Type 1 pick
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 60.0% Aluminium, 35.0% Steel, 5.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Approved by
    Team Simond guides and climbers
  3. Cleaning advice
    Rinse with water
  4. Product catchline
    Technical, ultra-light, versatile ice axe is also convertible with interchangeable pick.Ice axe available with adze or hammer.Detachable Power Trac leash making it easier to position ice screws.
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