Backpack Trekking Easyfit Men's 50 Litres

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    Designed for male trekkers in the mountains for 2 to 3 days in partial autonomy. Recommended weight: 10/13kg

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    Product benefits
    1. Abrasion resistance
      10-year warranty. Very robust thanks to its fabrics and reinforced seams
    2. Carrying comfort
      Automatic back adjustment. Carry style to suit the male body shape. Rain cover
    3. Multiple compartments
      Multiple compartments
      Pockets: 3 ext., 1 int., 1 belt. Pole/ice axe loops. Bottom access, compartments
    4. Capacity
      volume: 51 litres / weight: 1,75 kg / full pack dimensions: H 67 x W 28 x D 26
    5. Environmental impact
      Environmental impact
      Life cycle comparison: Backpack -
    • Trek duration
      2 to 7 days
    • Volume
      50 litres
    • Technology
      Automatic adjustment
    • Rain cover
    • Water bladder
    • Rain cover
      Built in
    Product feature
    1. EasyFit effectiveness tests are carried out by our Research and Development teams
      User-friendly concept: actual adjustment time 2-3 times shorter with the EasyFit backpack; and the number of repeat adjustments = 0 for the Easyfit bag. The EasyFit system does not affect the quality of the adjustments when compared with a standard adjustment system: EasyFit was rated significantly more comfortable in the 4% Friedman statistical test; users also observed 6 times more good adjustments.
    2. Backpack technical tests.
      We conduct lab tests to validate the following: fabric, buckles, straps, foam and zips. For example, for a fabric: resistance to abrasion and tearing, colour fastness in UV light and after washing, waterproofing, etc. Then the finished product undergoes an accelerated test replicating the stresses on the bag over several years to test the strength of the assemblies: we fill it with weights and place it on a dummy that reproduces thousands of fast walking movements.
    3. 10-year technical partnership warranty
      The Strenfit component brand, Quechua's partner for researching and testing its components and assemblies, conducted tests simulating backpack ageing. These tests were conducted on the components, the seams and the finished product. The results of these tests are used by Quechua and Strenfit to guarantee the bags for 10 years from the purchase date shown on the receipt.
    4. How to pack a backpack?
      Put your bedding at the bottom. Carry heavy gear (tent, stove, food) closest to your back. Pack your clothes around these items. The groundsheet should be placed under the flap and the tent beneath the pack if there is no space inside. Keep a rainproof jacket and fleece close at hand. Place small items that are needed during the day (sun cream, map, glasses etc.) in the pockets. The water bladder should be positioned in the compartment that is generally alongside the back.
    5. 10-year warranty conditions
      The warranty covers any backpack faults, except those caused by normal wear and tear and improper use. This special 10-year warranty is only valid with the product and sales receipt. If the product is under warranty, it will be repaired or exchanged for free. This commercial warranty does not affect any statutory rights that are applicable in the country of purchase.
    6. How to adjust your Forclaz EasyFit backpack?
      FIRST, LOOSEN all straps (shoulder straps, belt, load adjuster straps). PUT THE BACKPACK ON. PLACE THE BELT ON THE HIPS (it should cover your pelvic bones) and TIGHTEN IT. Then PULL THE EasyFit TOGGLES; the strap block will go round your shoulders. Finally, ADJUST THE LOAD ADJUSTER STRAPS as needed.
    7. How is backpack volume measured?
      The volume of each backpack is measured using a standardised method: we fill the main compartment as well as each pocket with little balls. We then empty the balls into a graduated container to measure the equivalent volume in litres within a few percentage points. The unloaded weight provided is that of our reference sample. There may be slight variations.
    8. The Easyfit system
      This allows you to adjust the bag while it is on your back in a single, intuitive movement so that it fits your body shape: for maximum comfort.
    9. A rating to compare the environmental impact of the products
      The product's environmental impact is calculated across its entire life cycle using different indicators. An overall score from A to E is given to help you easily identify the most eco-friendly products by comparing them with products of the same type (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.) Decathlon is committed to visually displaying environmental information. For more information:
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
    2. Approved by
      We test the bag's resistance to abrasion, wear, its colour fastness under UV rays, after washing and its waterproofing in the laboratory and in the field. Then, the weighted backpack is placed on a mannequin that simulates ageing by replicating thousands
    3. Storage advice
      Store your bag in a dry place.
    4. Cleaning advice
      To maintain fabric properties (waterproof rating in particular), do not machine wash, do not tumble dry, do not dry-clean and do not use bleach. Do not iron. To clean your backpack by hand, use warm soapy water and a brush if needed. After a few years of
    5. Product restrictions
      If you are tall check that the backpack suits you
    6. Product catchline
      Lightweight, carried close to the back, for hikes lasting several days with medium-weight loads. The EasyFit system lets you adjust the bag while wearing it so it fits just right.
    7. Lab tested
      All our backpacks are tested in the field by users who represent the target market under the same conditions as you would encounter in use. In particular, our Field Test Missions team up our product managers with people not affiliated with QUECHUA to test
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    119 reviews
    103 users recommend this product
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    • Backpack

      Nima (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Comfortable and durable and best choice for trekking.
    • Sexism about the price

      Coralie (Hong Kong SAR China)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I would like to understand why this bag is 60 HKD more expensive for women than for men? I noted that in both of your shops in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok.
      I went on the French website and there are both in the same price. I don't understand why I should pay more than a man here.
    • Excellent balanced rucksack

      DHIMAN (India)
      Used for 1 week or less
      Perhaps, this is one of best sack of this capacity. The balance is too good and you hardly feel the load you are carrying.
    • Excellent Comfort and Easy to carry

      Deepankar (India)
      Used for More than 1 year
      Excellent product for several day trekking in any whether with lot of adjustment and perfect back support. used this bag-pack in many treks and found very solid in any climate conditions.
    • Good, reliable, some minor flaws

      Ankur (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      The backpack is a really reliable one, but there are a few flaws and improvements that need to be addressed :

      1. The bottle compartments on the side are really small to hold firm a litre water bottle. Chances are that the bottle will fall once you place the bag horizontal somewhere (as I lost mine).

      2. Enlargement is not the only flaw with the bottle compartments. The design should have been such that the bottles should be easy to reach and easy to put back (maybe the opening could be slanted towards the back of the bag). Whenever I had to take out my bottle, I had to ask for help from a fellow trekker, or put down the bag to take out the bottle.

      3. I believe the breathability would have been more had it been an air suspension mechanism(something like forclaz air models), instead of the porous foam.

      4. The self-adjusting back is a little flimsy, and doesn't really lock in at the desired position.

      Despite all these areas of improvements, its a reliable and a good looking product.
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