Our quick guide will show you the various criteria for choosing the right snowboard:


Whatever the level, whatever the style, there's a snowboard for everyone. Find the board that suits you best:
- All terrain: For snowboarding on all sorts of surfaces, on-piste and off-piste, and for small jumps.
- Freestyle: For snowboarding at the snowpark or on surfaces with ramps, half-pipes and hills for jumps and tricks.

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To get the most fun out of snowboarding, and to choose the right board, it's important to identify your skill level.

Beginner: You are new to the sport and snowboard on shallow to moderate slopes (pistes from green to red). Your speed is slow to medium. You are just starting out with snowboarding and make sliding turns and skids.

Intermediate: You make precise turns on medium to steep slopes (pistes from blue to black). You do not stray too far off-piste, and your speed is medium to fast. You can perform small jumps and make sliding turns.

Advanced: You have efficient technique on all surfaces and all types of snow, even at high speeds. You have mastered quick, sharp turns off-piste. You can perform jumps, rolls, and all kinds of turns including carving.

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Each snowboard has its own characteristics: shape (the shape of the board) and camber (its curvature).


"Directional" boards have a nose that is wider than the tail. This shape aids grip, holds steady on turns, and aids stability at high speeds.
"Twin-tip" boards are symmetrical, with no front or back. This system gives better handling and can move in either direction. These boards are required for freestyle snowboarding.

Note: Directional boards should generally be 15 to 20cm shorter than the rider. Twin-tip boards should be between 20 and 25cm shorter, particularly with a reverse or flat camber.


Classic camber: For power and grip.
Flat camber: Combines power with support, suited to freestyle.
Reverse camber: Suited for riding switch and for landing jumps.
Pow camber: For easy glide on powdery snow.

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