Draw length, height & draw weight

    It is very important to choose a bow that suits you. Depending on your height, your strength and the distance that you shoot, you will choose a bow or varying height and draw weight.

    The draw weight of a bow is measured in pounds (one pound = 0.45kg), and the height, in inches. The height of your bow will depend on your draw length, i.e. the maximum distance the string can be displaced (see diagram).

    Draw length

    To find out your draw length, test out a bow. Take the bow in your hands and then, without using an arrow, stand in the shooting position. The distance between the string (where you would place the nock of your arrow) and the clicker (just beside the arrow rest) is your draw length. Ease the string back into its original position, without releasing it, in order not to damage the bow.


    To find out the ideal height for your bow, consult the chart below, which matches most bows.

    Bow height Maximum draw length Draw weight
    1.37 m or 54" 68 cm or 27" 12 to 20 pounds
    1.57 m or 62" 71 cm or 28" 12 to 24 pounds
    1.67 m or 66" 76 cm or 30" 14 to 26 pounds
    1.72 m or 68" 81 cm or 32" 16 to 30 pounds
    1.77 m or 70" 86 cm or 34" 18 to 32 pounds

    Draw Weight

    Draw weight varies according to the bow's height. The bigger your bow, the greater the draw weight. The draw weight is inscribed on the lower limb. You can adjust the draw weight by an average of around 10 pounds on most recurve and compound bows. So your bow can be adapted as you grow and progress.