The different types of bow

    The longbow is simple and very light. It is a basic wooden bow with one string. It has been used since the Middle Ages. This type of bow is used in competition with wooden arrows for instinctive archery without a sight.

    Recurve bow
    This classic bow can be used for recreation and for competition, on indoor and outdoor targets. This style of bow is used in the Olympic Games. Its draw weight ranges from 15 to 20 pounds. This bow is made of a solid riser with flexible limbs attached to it. These limbs can be of wood for beginners, or aluminium or magnesium for competition. The recurve bow can be supplemented with a multitude of accessories: (arrow rest, stabiliser, sight, etc...)

    Compound bow
    The compound bow is a quick, powerful bow with a system of pulleys at the tips of its limbs. This pulley system gives your bow greater draw weight (the equivalent draw weight of a normal bow multiplied by 1.5). This bow is also somewhat more comfortable when fully drawn. The effort is reduced, giving you more time to aim.

    Note: there are different bows for left- and right-handed archers!

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