Air ball: a missed shot that touches neither the hoop nor the board.

    Alley-oop: a variant of the slam dunk, where a player takes a pass from his/her team-mate, catches the ball mid-air, and immediately scores a basket.

    Buzzer beater: a shot made just before the buzzer sounds to signal the end of a quarter or match.

    Cross-over: a variation of the dribble, accompanied by a switch of hands, with the aim of evading a direct challenge from an opponent.

    Fadeaway: a shot at the basket made while jumping backwards.

    Free throw or foul shot: a penalty awarded to a player who is fouled while making a shot.

    Hook shot: a shooting technique that is hard to block: the player faces the basket and shoots, with his/her hand far away from the target. This shooting technique is, however, less precise.

    Interception: defines the act of taking the ball from an opponent, either by taking it from his/her hands (without committing a foul) or by catching the ball from a badly-judged pass.

    Key: the area on the court beneath each basket. This area is a different shape depending on which association is organising the match, and depending on the championship.

    Lay-up: A one-handed shot at close range, made by bouncing the ball off the backboard.

    Rebound: the act of catching the ball after a missed shot, before it touches the floor.

    Screen: a player attempting to protect his/her team-mate from being guarded during an offense phase.

    Slam dunk: also known simply as dunk, this is when a player scores a basket and grabs the hoop, with one or two hands. The dunk is one of the most spectacular ways to score a basket. In other sports (tennis, volleyball, etc.), moves similar to a dunk are often called a smash.

    Swish, swish shot or swisher: a shot made when the ball goes into the basket, touching neither the hoop nor the backboard.

    Travelling: a violation that occurs when a player holds the ball in his/her hands and takes more than two steps without dribbling.