The positions in the game

    Centre: generally the tallest and strongest player. In defence, positioned close to the basket to protect the interior sector, with strong rebound and blocking skills.

    Power forward: plays a similar role to the centre, forming the interior sector. Generally, shorter than the centre and able to manoeuvre further away from the basket.

    Small forward: an exterior player, agile and fast, may occasionally come to assist the interior sector for a rebound.

    Shooting guard: a player whose play is aimed mainly to the exterior, varies his/her game by penetrating into the key and by shooting three-point baskets.

    Point guard: charged with distributing the ball and organising offensive play. Controls the ball for his own side and announces the tactics to be put in place. As well has having strong dribbling skills, s/he must have excellent at reading play in order to distribute the ball to his/her team-mates.