(1).(2).(3) LAYER SYSTEM

    To have the best boating experience possible, even in tough weather conditions, the essential is to stay dry.
    Your clothes have to transfer this sweat that will give you this sensation of cold away from your skin. It will have to keep the water out and the heat in as well.
    This clothing system of different layers (1).(2).(3) will be the most efficient for boating activities.
    With this system working on the transfer properties of your clothes, you will have to ban cotton and wool which absorb and keep humidity in.

    Layer (1): Transfer

    Under garments are the base of this system, they are the transfer layer. It will be the tightest layer, close to the body. This layer will help evacuate the swear.
    It could be worn alone or with a thermal layer (2) and/or with a protection layer (3).
    Polos, T-shirts, shorts and trousers can play this role if they are made of synthetic fabrics (polyester or polyamide). Some can be used as sun protection as well.

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    Layer (2): Insulation

    Fleeces and jumpers are the thermal or insulation layer to keep your body warm, at the right temperature, they will also insure the transfer of the sweat outside. A thicker fleece or jumper will have more insulation protection.

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    Layer (3): Protection

    Jackets and dungarees are the final layer of your boating clothes equipment. They will protect your from the weather conditions, be keeping the water out. For more comfort, you will prefer a more breathable 3rd layer, to complete the sweat evacuation cycle, which began with the 1st layer.

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