There are several boating activities possible and a good jacket is a jacket that will fit the specific needs of one activity or another or depending on the weather conditions.

    Coastal sailor

    An occasional sailor that will never be out on his boat at night and will get back to the port everyday. He will need a waterproof jacket, slightly respirant to protect him from the rain and the wind.
    We will recommend you a jacket with a long collar, to the chin and an adjustable hood. These jackets are also good for other than boating activities.

    Semi-seafaring sailor

    A regular sailor that will practise under stronger weather conditions, a waterproof jacket will be essential and with a great breathability to evacuate the sweat directly. The jacket will have a longer collar and a second layer on the wrists to prevent water from entering the jacket. Hoods are more effective as well, with several adjustable positions.

    Seafaring sailor

    An experienced sailor will have an intensive practice, out for several days and for longer expeditions. His jacket will have the maximum level of waterproofness, a higher collar, a second layer on the extremities, an adjustable hood and an insulation skirt, all of that to keep the heat in and the water out no matter what are the external conditions.