Sleeping bags


    By definition, a bivouac sleeping bag will have to be light, compact and foldable in a backpack. It contains a hood to protect the head against the cold. Its shape, closer to the body, will offer you a warmer sleeping environment because of the smaller space to heat up compared to a classic sleeping bag.

    To make your sleeping bag, we only use high-quality technical components, like wadding polyester or microfibres, from natural origin.

    There is bivouac all-in-one sleeping bag, with sleeping mat, it is called a sleepin'bed, lighter than the classic version with a distinct sleeping bag and sleeping mat. Even easier to transport in your backpack, you will just have 2 parts to attach at night to enjoy the benefits of your sleepin'bed, its structure, its comfort, its support.

    A bivouac sleeping bag can be used between 15°C and -5°C.


    Regarding camping, the sleeping bag doesn't have to be carried or not on long distances, so it doesn't need to be lighter or more compact than usual. This is why we are using fibres to fill our sleeping bags, they are more dense to give more comfort to the camper. A rectangle shaped sleeping bag is also the best for the movement freedom during the night.

    Like for the bivouac, we also have a range of sleepin'beds for camping. It is an all-in-one pack for camping, containing an inflatable mat, a duvet and pillows. The idea is comfort itself. Comfort brought by the support and the structure of the mat that offer to double sleepin'beds a better setting to be able to move without bothering the person sleeping with you.

    A camping sleeping bag will be for temperatures higher than 15°C, for warm Spring or Summer times.

    Last thing, but not least, you have to make your choice depending on what you are planning for your camping trip, the weather, the season, the environment. With the most adapted sleeping bag, you will have the most comfortable sleep during your trip. And with plenty of rest, you can enjoy your outdoor activities.