Before leaving

    For a safe camping trip without surprises , don't forget to check your tent before leaving.

    1- Get the tent out of the cover, to air it. If you have enough room in your garden, you can also open and assemble it to practise for the moment when you will have to use it later.

    2- If your tent is staying in a damp place, it can lead to smells, you will have to open, air and wash the tent with water and soap and let it dry.

    3- If your tent has mould stains, you will need to clean it up as well and let it dry.

    4- Check the tent's hoops, to be sure everything is in place and in good condition to be sure when you will be arriving at the camping. If you have a 2" Pop-Up tent, check if none of the hoops are broken or damaged. If you are using a classic tent, be sure to have the right number of hoops and joints to be able to build the tent once you will be at the camping. If anything is missing, don't hesitate to go to your Decathlon store as quick as possible.

    5- Count the tent pegs, for your tent to be fixed to the ground. If you are planning to camp in a stony field, make sure you have the right pegs for that, solid and strong.. On sandy grounds, you will also need a specific type of pegs, more flexible.

    6- Check the good conditions of the different ropes that will link your tent to the pegs. From their state will depend the resistance to the wind of your tent. If you are experiencing any problems, you can always come and get some help and advice at your Decathlon store.

    7- Check your groundsheet for any holes, you can find repair kits and patches at your Decathlon store if you come to need some.

    8- Check all the entries, doors and zips of your tent, everything have to work fine.

    9- For 2" Pop-Up tents, base seconds or family seconds, don't hesitate to practise the "pop-down" movement to fold the tent back in the cover thanks to our videos.

    10- Have the instructions of your tent with you at anytime with the Quechua IPhone application or on the mobile website for smartphones!