Camping kitchen


    There are several types of coolboxes to preserve the food when you are camping. For a proper camping utilisation, prefer a rigid coolbox, electric or not.

    For coolboxes, you will need ice blocks to maintain the temperature of the coolbox and the food. Using 2 ice blocks will be better, to keep one in the freezer (often available to use in a camping) while using the other in the coolbox and switching when necessary.

    Electric coolboxes can be wired to the car cigarette lighter and can preserve food until 17°C under the ambient temperature.

    In any case, you will need to eat the food quickly, you can't use a coolbox as a fridge.


    Camping will require specific type of kitchen equipment. You will need large and stable gas stove, with supports for the pots, 2 preferably. The supports will give more stability and security to the stove. With two burners, it will just more easier and more practical for you. To save some energy and time, place the stove where there is no wind or under a shelter.

    For safety reasons, never use your stove in your tent and near children.

    Once used, don't throw the gas can in a regular bin, but somewhere to be reused or recycled.

    Usually in camping, there are barbecues at your service, you just need to bring your food and your woods and here you go!


    There are two kinds of camping cooking pots.

    First, aluminium pots, they are lighter, but the problem will be that they are also less practical as they will attached and stick more. They will be less easy to clean.

    The other kind is the non-stick pots, they are easier to maintain, to use and to clean, but they are also more fragile and fear scratches. You will need to use only wooden or plastic cutlery.


    Last step, the washing-up! The first thing is to choose the right type of sponge for each pot. You won't use an abrasive sponge on a non-stick pot, to avoid scratches. Prefer a classic washing brush for this kind of pots, as well as regular washing liquid.

    Instead of taking your solid basin for washing-up which will take more room in your car or in your tent, you can choose a flexible and folding basin.