Choose an all-in-one sleeping bag that will give you the comfort and the sensations of a classic bed. This includes an inflatable sleeping mat, a complete fitted sheet, a removable duvet and a pillow. A 2-person sleeping mat will be fitted for both people to be comfortable without disturbing the other.


    You will certainly have showers and water installations available in a camping. You will have more privacy with a changing room, opaque and waterproof, to change and wash yourself with intimacy. You could also get a camping shower system, composed of a water tank.


    The essential item for your camping dining room in the tent is the folding camping table for 4 or 6 people, easy to transport, resistant, stable and practical. For the chairs, there are really comfortable chairs, foldable, with a real seat. You can also choose a smaller table with stools, for a smaller space. Regarding the furnitures, you will need something compact to occupy all the space of the tent.


    Home food lovers will not be disappointed by all the possibilities of camping kitchen you can build in your tent. Coolboxes, furnitures, work surfaces, shelves, stoves and barbecues. You will also have a great choice of cook sets and cutlery for a nice camping table. Use regular kitchen tools to clean the camping kitchen equipment to preserve it.


    The last but not the least comfort factor to think about is the light. There is a large range of powerful and efficient lights for a great visibility. You can also use lanterns for a nicer and relaxing atmosphere. They can be used for bedside lights for children as well.