How To Choose Your Next Decathlon Tent?


    Family tents are ideal for the entire family to camp in for several days.

    Our best family tents are perfect whether you are going on holidays abroad or just camping a few miles away from home. Our huge range include tents packing either one or several rooms, with some styles even presenting a separate living area where you can stand up straight with a makeshift roof above your head.


    Pop up tents are easy to pitch and fold in a flash.

    The best pop up tent is designed so that it is easy for you to move around every two or three days. Products from our diverse selection are great if you like to move from one place to another while you explore the great outdoors then. What's more, we have you covered whether you are after a 2 man, 3 man or even 4 man pop up tent.


    Backpacking tents are light, compact and simple to carry around.

    The best backpacking tent will come in a setup that makes it easy to carry while you are hiking or travelling. Check out our extensive backpacking tent collection and you will also see the products offer maximum weather resistance against all elements.


    Shelters catch the eye as they take very little effort to pitch and fold.

    The best shelters on the market will offer you with maximum protection against all kinds of weather, from light rain showers to the rays of a blazing sun. Don't forget, you can extend the space offered by your 2 seconds pop up tent by combining it with a practical tarp - part of our huge camping accessories range.