How to choose my BMX or my Subsin?

    BMX or Subsin? Which BMX or Subsin? The following advice will help you make your choice by detailing their specificities and differences, and which bike is made for which use. BMX and Subsins are extremely strong bikes for riders who want to jump, play, or perform tricks. The main visible difference is the size of the wheels.


    BMXs have 20" wheels, which is quite small. They are designed for shorter riders or for riders who want good maneuverability. A BMX is lightweight, hase great handling, and is very good for starting out in skate parks or on dirt tracks, and for kick tricks and jumps. Its the small wheels and raised handlebars, give the rider a great deal of freedom.

    Subsins, with 26" wheels, are much more versatile. The big wheels make this bike much more stable than a BMX. You can ride a Subsin pretty much everywhere (in a forest, etc.), but the lowered frame also allows good manoeuvrability for skate parks or dirt tracks, like a BMX.

    So, what should I choose? Younger riders (10 or under) should choose a BMX, as the Subsin is too big. Others will have to choose between the stability of a Subsin and the manoeuvrability of a BMX!

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    The 10 to 12 year old riders should choose a BMX with 20" wheels and a slightly smaller frame than usual, fitted to their size. The pedals should also be slightly smaller and made of composite resin, which is strong but hurts less than the aluminium if the rider is hit. This type of BMX has one brake at the front and one at the back, for added security, and mixed tyres for riding mainly on tarmac. Some BMXs are designed with a rotor brake system, allowing the handlebars to be turned with no limits, which is useful for some tricks. The front wheel usually has also more spokes to give more solidity in case of heavy impact.

    Over 12 year old or 1.40m riders can choose between different types of BMX, which are designed to resist to all types of constraints from the user.


    Which Subsin should I choose? Double or triple? 24" or 26"? Double and triple Subsins have different colours, but this isn’t the only difference:

    The Subsin Double: more designed for skate parks, dirt and street. The bike is single speed, very efficient for who just wants to have fun on the bike without actually cycling that much with it.

    The Subsin Triple: more polyvalent. Used in Skate parks as the double, but also as a touring bike (rides, longer distances to travel, uphills...) thanks to its 8 gears.

    To choose between 24" or 26", it is a matter of taste once again. Bigger wheels, 26", will provide more stability (closer to a touring bike) when 24" wheels will give more maneuverability (closer to a BMX).