How to choose my Commuting or Touring Bike?

    The touring bikes are versatile bikes made for road and paths, for city and countryside. Different types of bikes are available, to meet different needs. Find the type of bike that will be perfect for you!


    Occasional useThe touring bikes are unisex bikes. Ideal for escaping the city and riding on country lanes, these bikes are also great for city-centre communiting.

    Designed with unisex frames, these bikes fit both men and women. Depending on the model and price, bikes will be built with more or less accessories and specificities. You can choose between rigid or suspended frame and between rigid and suspended fork, for instance.

    An all-suspension bike will be more comfortable on rough terrain, but won't allow you to set up a luggage rack, as the suspended frame will move with the compression.

    These bikes are designed with a comfortable saddle for a more enjoyable ride. They also have many gears for tackling all types of gradients or paths.

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    City BikesIf you want to cycle to work by bike, or to see your friends or do your daily shop by bike, only using roads, then a city bike is without a doubt the choice for you!

    With big wheels and thin tyres, city bikes are perfect for easy road cycling. These bikes are comfortable and well equipped, and can be fitted with a basket or panniers for carrying your belongings.

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    Regular useSports bikes are designed for people who use their bike regularly.

    These bikes are designed with many gears for easy pedalling up- and downhill. The saddle is comfortable, and the relatively flat handlebar allows for a sporting but comfortable position.

    These bikes are also quite light, allowing you to pedal even more easily with as little as possible.

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    Training or competition?Fancy a longer ride? Whatever the situation, Decathlon bikes are strong and high-quality, these bikes will follow you everywhere you go.

    These bikes are not unisex. The difference is in the frame: women's frames are lower in the middle for easier mounting and dismount and greater freedom of movement.
    They are also designed with many gears, allowing them to follow you everywhere.

    Depending on the model of bike, you can have hydraulic system disc brakes (more powerful), a dynamo lamp, more or fewer gears and many other accessories that you can find on the cycling products pages. For these types of bike, take a look at the Riverside range!

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    when to renew you running shoesAdult bikes are designed with 26 to 28 inches wheels.

    The wheels size will be different depending on the bike.

    If you hesitate between two sizes, smaller wheels will provide more maneuverability, especially in winding paths, when bigger wheels will allow a better speed for less effort.

    But what is more important to choose the size of your bike is actually your own height.

    Model of bike Size M / 26" Size L / 28" Size XL / 28"
    City Bike 155 to 174 cm
    61 to 68 inches
    175 to 200 cm
    68 to 78 inches
    Occasional and regular use 155 to 174 cm
    61 to 68 inches
    175 to 185 cm
    68 to 72 inches
    186 to 200 cm
    61 to 68 inches
    Intensive use 155 to 173 cm
    61 to 68 inches
    175 to 185 cm
    68 to 72 inches
    186 to 200 cm
    73 to 78 inches