There are different kinds of fins, the choice will depend on your practice.


    The fins you will use can be:

    - Full-foot: barefoot or with neoprene socks.
    - Adjustable: to take them off easily.
    - Practical: to use them with supports to walk safely.

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    The boot of the fin have to maintain the foot without restraining it.

    - The full-foot fin will be lighter and offer more comfort than an adjustable fin.
    - To try a full-foot fin on, you will have to stand.
    - To try on an adjustable fin, you will need neoprene socks. Your heel mustn’t exceed 5 cm out of the fin.

    Choose one size higher for your fins if you are using neoprene socks.

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    A flexible fin will require a weaker physical effort, for an occasional practice.

    A rigid fin will have a more powerful finning, but will require a stronger physical effort. Fins with a longer blade will be more efficient for longer expedition. They will require a larger finning range.

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    Hemstitched blades will have a better water contact, that will give you less physical constraints on your ankles.

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