How to choose your stepper/step?


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    Tip: keep your feet flat on the steps to make your muscles work harder!


    The step is a fun activity that will seduce anybody who wants to lose weight in music. The step is a simulation of climbing actual steps, but is also practiced on high rhythm music with choreographies where steps are quickly executed.

    The step helps to refine the figure, burn calories, move, tonify the body, masterise the breath and improve the posture.

    Each sessions are the occasion of working on the thighs and calves, thanks to knee bending and impulse exercises.

    There are different levels of practice, with different types of choreographies, music rhythms and step positions. The more difficult is the level, the more impacts on the floor there are, and the body gains on muscles more quickly. You will need good fitness shoes to cushion the impacts and protect your ankles.

    If your goal is to refine your lower body, choose a low step. In the other hand, if you wish to gain on muscles, use a high step.

    You can go to step classes or use a step at home, with a personalised video coach and a lively music.


    As the step, the stepper simulates the climb of actual steps. The models you can find on our website are designed with hydraulic pistons for comfort and fluidity. It is the speed of use that determines the level of use.
    Two settings are available:
    - On the piston: the user adjusts the hydraulic pressure
    - mechanically: the user changes the piston position by screwing or unscrewing a knob.