How to choose your food and nutrition?

    Like many sports, Fitness will make you lose calories and energy. It is essential to adopt sane and balanced food habits which will keep you in shape and healthy.No matter what is your goal (losing weight, bodybuilding), good food habits are essential.
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    Water is fundamental for your health and for your sporting performance. To insure the hydration of your body, it is essential to choose a specific and adapted drink depending on the type of exercise you are about to practice. You have to stay hydrated before, during and after the practice.

    How to hydrate yourself?

    - If you are practicing less than an hour, water can be the only drink necessary.
    - If you are planning on practicing for more than an hour, an energetic bonus would be advised to prevent any “sudden tiredness” and to help you in your muscular effort.


    Practicing a sport as an extra activity, after your professional occupation can sometimes lead to organization issues. A lot of people use their lunch break or wait for the end of their work day to train and they don't hesitate to sacrifice their meals.
    Is this advised? No.

    How to do it?

    - For a training session between 12pm and 2pm, you have to take 1 or 2 supplement(s) before the session and plan a light lunch for later, after the session.
    - For a training session after work, prepare a protein drink for 4pm, before the session, and plan a light dinner for later, after the session.


    Sporting success is balanced between training sessions and a diet. To build and draw your muscles, proteins are usually added to this mix. Indeed, proteins allow you to build your muscles, helping healthy food habits to develop your muscular activity.

    How to choose your proteins?

    Drinking one shaker of CW Protein before and after a training session will increase the daily rates of proteins in your body. The CW Protein contains 84% caseinate of and 16% of lactose proteins. This combination has great results regarding muscles development. The fast circulation of the protein's acids will stimulate the muscular building. When the protein's effects are fading, the caseinate takes its place to fortify the muscle and prevent its destruction.