How to choose your football shin pads?

    Shin pads are MANDATORY for 11- or 5-a-side competition football. Your shin pads should comply with current European legislation (directive EN 1360162009).


    There are different types of shin pad:

    - One-piece.
    - One-piece with integrated ankle guard (with added protection for the malleolus).
    - Two-piece, with a detachable ankle guard, allowing either piece to be worn separately.

    The shin pad's size should be chosen according to the player's stature.

    Player's size Size
    Under 1.10m XS
    From 1 .10m to 1.40m S
    From 1.40 to 1.70m M
    Over 1.70m L

    It is mandatory for the shin pad to be held in place with support straps. It must also be completely covered by the sock for the duration of the match.

    It is VITAL to wash your shin pads REGULARLY by hand.

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