How to choose your football socks?

    For regular or occasional play, find the football socks you need! You should make your choice depending on:


    Occasional (once a month)

    If you are an occasional player, choose a sock that is easy to put on and easy to remove.

    Regular (once a week)

    If you are a regular player, you'll need a sock that guarantees you optimum comfort. Go for a breathable sock (make sure your boots are breathable too) with an elasticised bank at the ankle and arch of the foot, for increased comfort and support.

    Intensive (more than once a week)

    If you play intensively or on small surfaces (such as 5x5 or 2x2), you need a sock that supports you and protects you from the friction caused by repeatedly running around the pitch. Opt for a sock with several elasticized bands and reinforcements that will limit irritation and prevent blisters.

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