Golfing bag

    There are four types of golf bag: carry bags, travel bags, stand bags and cart bags. Choose your bag according to your needs.

    Your bag should be a help to you, not a hindrance, so consider how it is designed (separation of clubs, multifunction pockets) and can be used (space for hanging gloves or storing tees, integrated rain cover, handles).


    Carry bags: very light, for playing with minimum hindrance, or for travelling.

    Stand bags with tripods and double straps: designed to be carried (or placed on a cart). Less bulky in the boot of your car than a cart bag.

    Cart bags: with numerous larger pockets, easily accessible on a cart (choose this last option if you suffer from back problems).

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    When choosing your bag, don't ignore these features. They may seem additional extras, but are in fact important for your game.

    Weight and handling:

    A portable bag should not exceed 3kg in weight. Bear in mind that a complete set of clubs, plus accessories, will add around 10kg. Check the type of strap, and the number and ergonomics of the handles.

    Accessibility of irons and accessories:

    It is important to bear in mind the number of compartments for the clubs, and the option of having a separate area for the putter. A bag whose compartments extend down to the bottom of the bag will give your clubs better protection. The number and specifics of the pockets (for example, is there an isothermal pocket?) are an important indicator of the quality of the product.

    Composition of the bag:

    A final criterion for making your choice is the way the bag is made: leather or canvas, lining and topstitching, the option of an integrated protective or waterproof cover.

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