Golfing trolley

    Trolleys are designed for transporting your clubs when playing. There are different types of trolley: pull trolleys, push trolleys and electric trolleys. Choose your trolley according to your needs. Compactness (folding and optimum ease of storage) and manoeuvring (stability, handle and roll) are essential considerations when choosing your trolley.


    The different types of trolley

    Pull trolleys, with two wheels, are the easiest to manoeuvre, using the muscles of the upper body. They are a good choice for courses with a lot of uneven ground.

    Push trolleys, with three or four wheels, are more stable, using the muscles of the lower body. They are best used on flat courses.

    Electric trolleys, with three or four wheels, are very stable and allow the golfer to conserve energy on the course. They are, however, heavier.

    Optional features: umbrella holder, scorecard-holder, tee-holder… all these are additional conveniences.

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