Your wood

    The choice of fairway wood is made according to the characteristics of the shaft and club head, to give you greater power and tolerance in your long shots.


    • The shaft

      Shaft flexibility is expressed in letters, ranging from the most flexible, L (ladies) to the most rigid, X (extra-stiff). The slower your swing, the more flex you need in your shaft, as flexibility gives speed, and therefore power, to the swing.

      The head

      Titanium head: greater tolerance and power

      If you are looking for tolerance, opt for a titanium head, which will allow greater tolerance of centring errors when striking the ball and therefore avoid undesired effects such as slice or hook. Titanium offers tolerance, comfort and power.

      Steel head: greater precision

      If you want precision and feel, choose a steel head. This will allow you to work the ball better and therefore to control it. Steel heads have a smaller striking surface, and the feeling of weight in the head is generally more marked.

      Weight distribution

      The more the weight is distributed to the rear and to the edges of the club face, the easier and more tolerant the club is to play. The lower the club's centre of gravity, the easier it is to launch the ball into the air.

      For more information

      Woods are generally used for long shots, at the beginning of a hole, or on the fairway. Fairway woods, which were originally made of wood, are characterised by a large, more or less spherical head. There are different sizes of fairway wood: sizes 3, 5, 7 and 9.