How to maintain of your clubs?

    Club care is an essential feature of golf. Badly maintained clubs can suffer reduced performance and can sometimes become damaged or even break. The following points should be kept in mind to care better for your clubs.



    Playing in the rain can be liberating, defying the limits placed on the golfer by bad weather and enjoying the excitement of a game come what may.

    But beware: after a rain-soaked round, dry your equipment thoroughly. Water can damage the different parts of your clubs (rust around the head and shaft, a foul-smelling grip, etc...).

    And because drying your clubs only to store them in a damp place is not the most efficient approach, don't forget to keep them protected from moisture!

    The trick: after playing in the rain, dry the clubs close to a source of gentle heat, with the grip resting on the floor, or wipe your shafts with a dry towel.

    This will prevent the water from stagnating in the hosel and creating rust, which can cause the shaft to break.


    Wood covers and putter covers exist because these clubs have very sensitive heads, especially if they contain an insert. Protecting their heads with these covers prevents them from being damaged, and helps maintain the performance of the head's insert.

    For graphite shafts, use a bag with an integrated compartment, separated all the way to the bottom of the bag. This will prevent the clubs from banging against each other repeatedly when they are placed back into the bag, which can cause the shafts to become more fragile.

    Beware: if you use tubes to protect your clubs inside your bag, make sure they are tubes specially designed for graphite shafts (tubes with protection).


    Clubs or balls that are not clean perform less well (distance control, feel). We advise you always to ensure you clean your clubs at the end of your game or during play, for example:

    - Make sure your ridges are always clean. Wipe them before each shot with a towel or, simpler still, on the grass. This will guarantee you maximum distance control and feel.
    - In wet weather, remember to wipe the face of your putter.
    1. Remove grass and any other residue that may obstruct the putter's contract with the ball.
    2. Keep the insert in optimum condition by avoiding the residue or scaling left behind by damp.
    - Scrub your grips with soapy water and a small brush (such as a toothbrush or nail brush). This will help maintain optimum hold and will give your grips a second flurry of youth. After use in bad weather, wipe your grips to keep them well preserved and to prevent bad odours.