How to maintain of your golfing balls and gloves?


    Golf balls should generally be cared for according to the same rules as for storing and caring for your clubs.

    When storing your balls, protect them from heat and moisture to ensure them a long life.

    During play, or at the end of your game, remember to clean your balls. Keeping your balls clean during the gain guarantees better flight and greater precision. Therefore, remember to clean the ball as much as possible between each shot, as well as when teeing off and putting. After playing, check that your balls are clean, because later on any dirt will cling on more persistently and may damage your ball.


    Preventing bad odours

    We advise you to store your gloves in a dry place, ideally flat or in a case. This will prevent your gloves – which are often rolled up in a ball inside your bag – from giving off unwanted smells. It will also guarantee that the gloves materials remain supple.

    Want to wash your gloves?

    Synthetic gloves may be washed in cold water without soap, and then laid out on a flat surface to dry.

    A little more breathability

    Once your ball lands on the green, do not hesitate to putt bare-handed. This will increase sensation when the club strikes the ball, which is very important for putting, and you will also feel more at ease.