How to be independant on a hike?

    With "adventure" comes "independence". At least, a certain form of independence thanks to your equipment. Here is a recap of the different things you will need to be more independant for your hike.


    When you are leaving for hiking, it is better to know where you are going or how to get back on the right direction. For that, the basic piece of equipment is a compass. But you need to know how it works. Technology adept will use a GPS. Some will have mapping functions directly integrated in the GPS. A GPS will be more precise and easier to use. The only problem will be the battery. You can use a solar charger to recharge your GPS' battery.



    To have a better hiking experience, there is now a range of hiking products called "light" or "ultralight". For longer adventures, the weight of your equipment will be the most important factor. With a heavier equipment, you will have to produce a stronger effort. And when hiking, every bit of energy is valuable.

    Even if the products (sleeping bags, mats or tents) are "light", there are not less efficient or less comfortable. The products they are made of are chosen for this very purpose, for all the advantages of the regular equipment plus the efficiency and the specific properties that will require your hiking equipment.

    To sleep, you can also need a hammock, light and easy to carry. You will need to think about a cover to protect from the weather conditions when sleeping in a hammock.


    The simplest way to eat in the nature is to use a stove. There are several types of stove light and practical to take with you hiking. Some stoves are really compact. When purchasing a stove, check its yield, time to heat a certain quantity of water. A lighter stove will maybe have a lower yield than a heavier one, but this one will maybe need another gas refill to be able to last the whole of your hiking trip. With the stove, you will also need plates, cutlery and pots.

    To drink, fountains, rivers and sources are the best way to find drinking water. Beware of the non-drinking water. You can use special tablets to treat the water. You will find these particular tablets at your Decathlon store.