How to choose your treking equipment?

    This list is non exclusive and can change depending on your hiking habits and needs:
    - Good hiking or walking shoes depending on the field you are about to practise on. Warning: never use new shoes for hiking, prefer shoes you already wore a few times, they will suit your feet better.
    - A sleeping bag adapted to the weather conditions you will have to sleep in.
    - An inflatable mat.
    - A frontal light (with extra batteries).
    - Breathable t-shirts, one with long sleeves.
    - A fleece and a wind-cut jacket.
    - A trouser and a short.
    - A cat, sunglasses, sun cream and/or gloves and a hat.
    - Several pairs of socks (key element of your equipment, they are acting directly on your feet, the central element of your hiking activity). You will need to wash your socks properly and often, dirty socks can lead easier to blisters.
    - Flip-flops are essential to relax and air your feet at night when you are camping.
    - Towels, toilet case, first aid kit, washing powder (there are even all-in-one soaps for every use: washing-up, laundry, hands, hair and body).
    - A change of clothes for the evenings.
    - A swimsuit.
    - Toilet paper, a knife, water purification tablets, anti-mosquitoes products, plastic bags and a survival blanket.
    - Very useful as well, but more optional: hiking poles, to save your efforts and your energy on more difficult paths.