How to prepare a hiking first aid kit?

    You have to always have it in your backpack, even for shorter hikes of a few hours. The first aid kit has to be controlled regularly to be ready to use at any time. It must contain the simpler items to deal with small injuries and first aid in case of bigger accidents, while waiting for emergency services.
    What do you need to pack your first aid kit with for a few days hike?
    - To treat a wound: the most important and urgent thing is to clean the wound with water (bottles, river, torrent...) and soap. Disinfectant is only helpful on a clean wound. You have to cover the wound with sterilised compresses held with tape. You will need to consult a doctor when you get back. Bring also some band-aids for smaller injuries and a small pair of scissors.
    - For different pains and aches: bring paracetamol (fevers), loperamide (diarrheas) et domperidone(nausea).
    - It will always be helpful to have on you: a cell phone (in a waterproof bag), cereal bars, sun cream, toilet paper, safety pins, a knife, a survival blanket, a frontal light, a whistle, a candle and a lighter, a compass, a small cord. And all of that placed in a waterproof bag to keep it clear.
    - For bigger accidents or when you are not sure about something: call emergency.